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AskMrCreditCard.com Daily Recap – 9th August 2012


Here are today’s top stories and recaps from us and around the web.

Ask Mr Credit Card Stories and Reviews

  • Guess how much is the Weekend Stays Bonus on the New Citi&#174 Hilton HHonorsTM Reserve Card worth?
    What is the value of the 2 weekend nights bonus stay at the Hilton Hotels? Well, it depends on what category you redeemed for. And it turns out that the sign up bonus alone could be worth 100k points!
  • You Can Earn 5 Points at Amazon.com with This Card
    If you are an amazon.com “frequent shopper”, you might just want to add this card into your arsenal as you can earn 5 points on shopping with “bookstores”. And guess what is amazon.com classified as?
  • Update on Discover’s Gift Card Partners
    We have just updated the list of gift card partners that Discover has (the list keeps growing albeit slowly). For those of you who do not know, you can potential double the value of the cash rebates you have earned by exchanging them for these instead (hint: many cruise partners allow 2X redemption).
  • GE is now the issuer for Toys R Us cards, taking over from Chase
    GE has taken over being the issuer of Toys R Us credit card (actually a MasterCard) from Chase. There are some subtle changes. Existing holders will have been given the new cards. As far as we understand, you can no longer log into your Chase account.
  • Stories from Around the Web

  • Thread on myFico: Denied a Wells Fargo Secured Card
    There is thread over at myFICO about a student being denied a secured credit card because of low equifax scores. A common misconception is that you will be approved for a secured credit card regardless. Wrong. Big mainstream banks do not automatically approve you.
  • BOA “closes” inactive account?
    There is also another interesting thread about BOA sending a letter to a cardholder for six months wanting to close their credit card. This sort of stuff happened a lot in 2009 after the financial crisis. Sometimes, who a card is chosen seems random to me. I’ve had the Merrill Lynch Visa Signature and have not used it for close to 2 years. So far, BOA seems happy with me!
  • A peek into British Airways First Class
    For those of you who have signed up and got your 100k BA Avios miles, perhaps this post will be an inspirations and vindication that you have made the right choice. Bet you are now looking forward to using the miles and flying BA!


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