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GE Toys R Us Credit Card Review - Part 1: Introduction

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Executive Summary - Toys R Us is now officially issued by GE Capital Retail Bank (since July 2012). Existing cardholders (Chase was the previous issuer) will have their cards converted. The new cards from GE preserves the reward formula and have added a couple of nice features as well.

Toys R Us used to have their credit card issued by Chase. But on 31st January 2012, a press release announced that JPMorgan Chase has just sold Toys R Us credit card portfolio to GE Capital1. From July 2012 onwards, GE will be the bank responsible for the issuing this card.

From our understanding, present holders of the Chase version will be converted to the new card. Like most retail cards, there will be a "store card" version which allows you to only use the card at their stores and a "credit card version". Toys R Us and GE have chosen MasterCard. Hence, the card will come with standard MasterCard benefits.

Old Chase Version - Before we look at the new cards from GE, let's look back at how the old version looked like. The Chase version (which was also a MasterCard) allowed cardholders to earn 4 points per dollar that is used at Toys R Us and Babies R Us stores. Once a cardholder has earned 1000 points, they will get a $10 gift certificate that can be used at Toys R Us. It is also important to note that the old card had no annual fees at all.

Before this version, Chase actually issued a Visa version of the card with essentially the same features. 4% earnings on the old Chase version put the card at the top of it's class in terms of ability to earn reward points since 5% was the top end of the range among retail store credit cards.

The new version is actually almost similar (and maintains the 4% rewards formula). But it also comes with some improvements. But before we can understand the benefits of the card, we need to study the "R"Us reward program a little closer.

GE Capital Retail Bank Announces New Agreement to Provide Credit Card Program for Toys R Us

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