List of Cards That Pay Cash Back on Gas

Below is a list of gas rewards credit cards that are available in the market.


This is one of the rare gas cards remaining that still pays their rewards in percentage terms (3% for purchases at HESS and WILCO stations). Great for those with good credit and who fill their gas tanks almost exclusively from HESS. Find out more


This once used to be one of the best gas cards around (when they paid 5% cash back on BP gas purchases). But they since changed the formula to one where you save 15 cents per gallon. It is still a good card, but its' reward formula has followed the trend of most other gas cards by moving to a cents per gallon formula. Find out more.


The ExxonMobil MasterCard gives cardholders the chance to save 10 cents per gallon of their gasoline when you use the card at their stations to fill up your gas. This card used to let you earn 4% cash back at their stations, but have also changed to the cents per gallon method.Find out more about this card


This card has a tiered formula based on monthly spending. If you spend more than $2,499 a month on the card, you can save 20 cents per gallon of fuel. You save less if your spending level is lower. Find out more.


The Drive-For-Five is the "store card" version of Shell's card portfolio. You can only use it at their stations and you will can save 5 cents per gallon for their gasoline.Find out more.


Valero Gas Card allows you to save 4 cents a gallon if you fill between 50 to 74.9 gallons a month. You can save 8 cents a gallon if you fill between 75 and 110 gallons a month. Find out more.


The Chevron card allows you to save at their gas stations in the following way. Spend more than $300 a month on your card (only eligible purchases - see review for details) and you can save 10 cents per gallon. Spend more than $1,000 a month and you can save 20 cents per gallon.Find out more.


The Sheetz Visa is one of the few gas cards around that allows you to save 8 cents a gallon regardless of your spending level (unlike many of the cards here). If you use Sheetz primarily as your main gas station, then you might want to check this out.Find out more.


Gulf stations are primarily located in Pennsylvania. Like the HESS Visa, it is one of the rare gas cards that pay a percentage cash back on gas purchases at their station. For this card, it is 3%. Find out more.


The Lukoil MasterCard is one of the better gasoline rewards card as they give you 4% cash back when you use the card to fill up your tank at Lukoil stations. Find out more.


Many folks (and maybe you) turn to gas cards because they do not have exactly top notch credit. This card from Barclays might just be the card if your credit is in the 600s (fair to average). You get to earn 2X points on gas (any standalone gas stations), groceries and utilities. And unlike most gas cards (where you can just use them at their stations), you can use this anywhere MasterCard is accepted. Find out more here.


Finding a subprime credit card with reasonable fee is difficult enough. But when you find one which gives you rewards for gasoline spending, then you give it serious consideration. You do have to pay an annual fee. But unlike other gas cards (like the Shell Drive for Five), you can use them at any gas stations. If you have bad credit, consider this card. Find out more about here


How to Choose a Gas Credit Card?
To get the best gas credit card for yourself, you first have to understand the different types of cash back credit cards that are available in the market. They each have their strengths and weaknesses and you need to look at your own gasoline spending habits to decide which is the right card for you.

Station Specific - The first type of gas rewards credit card are cards that are issued by a particular brand of gas stations. For example, Exxon Mobil, Conocco Philips, Hess, BP, Lukoil, Shell all have their own gas credit cards. These cards allow you to earn cash rebates when you use your card at their gas stations. In the past, they use to pay a good 5% rebates when you bought your gasoline from their stations. Recently, however, there has been a change in how they give their rebates. With the rising price of oil in 2008, most gas cards now pay 15 cents rebates for every gallon of gasoline that you fill.

Advantages - The advantages of the gas card is that they allow you to earn rebates at a particular gas station. This will suit you if you only use a particular brand of gas station.

Disadvantages - You can only earn rebates at that particular gas station.

Any station - While station specific gas cards lets you earn extra rebates only at their gas stations, there are gas credit cards that allow you to earn rebates when you purchase gasoline at any gas station. This is actually a much better proposition for most consumers.

Cash Back - You can also get cash back credit cards to earn cash rebates. The better cash back credit cards pay anywhere from 3% to 5% not just on gasoline, but also on other items like supermarket and drugstore expenditure. In this sense, a good cash back credit card is better than a dedicated gas credit card.

How do you get your rebates?
Different gas credit cards allow you to earn your rebates differently. Most station specific gas cards simply credits your rebates to your next statement bill. Some cards require that you request a check once you have earn a certain amount in rebates.

Caps rebates?
Because of skyrocketing gas prices the past year, many credit cards have capped the amount of rebates you can earn on gasoline spending. Though some put a monthly or yearly cap on the amount of spending that earns you rebates, the better gas credit cards allow you to earn unlimited rebates. An example of a card that allow you to earn unlimited rebates on gasoline spending are the Blue Cash EverydaySM Card from American Express®.