0% APR Credit Cards Deals For Purchases

Credit Card with 0% APR rates teaser rates on purchases can offer you a great way to finance any large purchases with zero interest rates for a fixed period. For example, you may want to use your credit card to pay for your kitchen appliances for your renovation (like I did). Or you could decided to purchase an Apple Mac Pro and finance it this way. Below are cards that offer the longest introductory period and we’ve decided to list cards with at least a 12 month intro period lest we fill this page with hundreds of cards. Below is a tool that you can use to calculate your approximate savings Please see the bottom of the page for assumptions of the calculator that we have.

  • Interest savings from 0% APR

  • Discover it® Card

    Editor's Rating: 4.2/5.0

    Full Review
    Discover it® Card
    What I really Iike about this card is that they have a great online shopping portal which allows you to earn great cash back and hence save even more money. For example, Apple store is one of their merchant partners. So you can purchase (for example) an Apple MacPro online through the portal and earn 5% cash back (which is like a discount) and also get the 0% APR for the intro period as well.
    Interest Saved Over 14 Months:
    ${{ROUND(interest_after_14_months, 2)}}
    Bal. 14 month (Old):
    ${{ROUND(if (payoff_14_months < 14, 0, (balance +interest_after_14_months)-(monthly*14)), 2)}}
    Bal. 14 month (New):
    ${{if (balance<(monthly* 14), 0, balance-(monthly*14))}}
    Principal Reduction:
    ${{ROUND(((balance +interest_after_14_months)-(monthly*14)) - (balance-(monthly* 14)), 2)}}

  • US Bank Visa® Platinum Card

    Editor's Rating: 3.8/5.0

    Full Review
    US Bank Visa® Platinum Card
    One of the really unique features of this card is that you will be able to see your Experian credit score without having to pay for it. Aside from this, they also have a great 0% deal (which is why we've listed this card here).
    Interest Saved Over 15 Months:
    ${{ROUND(interest_after_15_months, 2)}}
    Bal. 15 month (Old):
    ${{ROUND(if (payoff_15_months < 15, 0, (balance +interest_after_15_months)-(monthly*15)), 2)}}
    Bal. 15 month (New):
    ${{if (balance<(monthly* 15), 0, balance-(monthly*15))}}
    Principal Reduction:
    ${{ROUND(((balance +interest_after_15_months)-(monthly*15)) - (balance-(monthly* 15)), 2)}}

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