US Bank Visa® Platinum Card Review

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Executive Summary - This is a basic card from US Bank. The most interesting feature is that fact that new cardholders get 0% APR for both balance transfers and purchases for 15 months. This makes it an attractive card for folks who want to take advantage of zero interest rates for balance transfers or a large purchase.

It seems that every credit issuer always has a starter plain vanilla card in their portfolio - you know, the one without any frills and rewards. Well, the card that we will be reviewing fits this category and is US Bank's basic offering among their portfolio.

Color and Design - The design of the card is a plain silver with the Visa sign on the bottom right. It is a simple design with a very neutral color which will appeal to many of you.

Key Features - Being a plain vanilla offering, there is no rewards for this card. Hence, the key attractive points are that there is no annual fee. And new card members also get a great teaser 0% APR deal. For balance transfers, you get 0% for 15 months. The same goes for purchases. This is one of the longest introductory period out there and will appeal to folks who are either looking to do a balance transfer or to get 0% financing on a large purchase.

Visa Perks - Like most cards with the Visa network, this one comes with the standard Visa Benefits. For example, you get auto Collision Damage Waiver insurance and Travel Accident Insurance. In addition, you get purchase protection and price protection warranty as well.

Peer Comparison

Before we reach our verdict on this card, it's best that we compare it with it's peers. And being a plain vanilla offering with no rewards, the best way to compare it is to look at the 0% APR features with other similar cards.

Citi Simplicity and Citi Diamond Preferred - Perhaps one of their fiercest rivals are these two cards from Citibank. And the reason is because these cards offering 0% APR on both balance transfers and purchases for 18 months (which at the moment is the longer intro period). From this perspective, US Bank loses out. But on the other hand, if you are looking to transfer a balance from a Citicard, then this would be a great alternative since you cannot transfer a balance to another card within the same issuer.

Discover it - Another rival that they face is the Discover it Card, which is a great cash back card that has a great 0% offering (18 months for balance transfer). In addition, they have cash back features that this US Bank offering lacks.

Capital One - Most of Capital One's vanilla cards offer 0% deals. But they typically range from 6 months to 12 months. So on this front, US Banks has got the better of them.

Chase - Chase has got a couple of offerings that have very good 0% deals. Their vanilla card (the Chase Slate) also has a 0% deal for both purchases and balance transfer for 15 months (same as this one). But the advantage that Chase has is that they do not charge any balance transfer fee on the Slate. Their Freedom card also has a 15 month 0% deal (but with a BT fee).

Is This A Good Card?

After comparing this card with it's peers, we can say that when it comes to offering 0% deals, this card ranks up there with the best. There are a couple of cards with long intro periods in their deals, but this one is definitely within ball park. So if you are looking to do a balance transfer or get a 0% APR deal, then this is definitely a card you should consider. However, if that is not what you are looking for, then US bank has other cash back offerings and also their FlexPerk Travel Card to consider.

But regardless, if you get this card, it will be from a mainstream issuer and a reputable bank.