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Korean Air Skypass Visa Review

Korean Air Skypass Visa

skypass visa Summary - The Korean Air Skypass Visa Classic is a very simple no-frills credit card that lets you earn points towards your next free Korean Air flight. You only earn the standard one mile for every dollar spent on purchases (no double miles). Find out more about this card.

Miles Formula - The are essentially three versions of Korean Airlines Skypass Visa - the classic card, platinum card and the no annual fee SkyBlue Skypass. The classic card allows cardholders to earn one mile for every dollar spent on all purchases. The platinum version allows you to earn double miles on Korean Air ticket purchases. Plus you get 2 Korean Air VIP Lounge coupons each year, $100 discount on a Korean Air ticket purchase each year. The SkyBlue no annual fee version allows cardholders to earn one mile for every dollar. Cardholders can earn unlimited miles. Skypass miles do not expire.

Fees - The annual fee for the classic card is $50, while the fee for the platinum card is $80.00. The apr is prime rate plus 9.99% for all cards. The average daily balance method (including new purchases) is used to calculate monthly balances.

Other benefits/credit limits - A Visa Classic card offers you a credit limit up to $5,000. $250,000 in Travel Accident Insurance is also available. A Visa Platinum card offers you a higher credit limit for your purchasing needs - from $5,000 to $25,000. You'll earn 1 mile for every dollar spent. Additional Visa Platinum benefits include: Emergency Cash and Card Replacement plus $500,000 in Travel Accident Insurance.

Verdict - Frequent flyers on Korean Air who want to earn extra miles will find a variety of Skypass credit cards to suit their need. The good features of all Skypass Visas is that you can earn unlimited miles and the annual fee is also reasonable for an airline credit card.


Korean Air Skypass Visa Card
Miles Benefits
Miles Accumulation 1 mile per $1 spent on purchases
Anniversary Bonus none
Miles Expiration No Expiration
Caps on miles No points will be awarded after monthly purchases exceed $10,000 or if annual purchases exceed $50,000.Skypass Morning Calm, Morning Calm Premium, Skypass Million Miler and Skypass Visa autopay customers who select full payment option are exempted from limits.
Travel and Insurance Benefits
Up to $250,000 Travel accident Insurance
Auto rental insurance
Other Benefits
Online purchase security
Lost and stolen card reporting
Cost/Fees/Interest rates
Annual Fees $55.00
Purchase APR Prime Rate plus 9.99%
Balance Transfer APR Prime Rate plus 9.99%
Cash Advance APR Prime Rate plus 11.99%
Penalty/Default Rate Fixed 23.99%
Min Finance Charge $2.00
Grace Period 20 days
Balance Calculation Method Average Daily Balance
Balance Transfer Fee 3%, min $5.00
Advance checks fee nr
Cash Advance fee 3% min $5.00
Other Cash Advance fee 4% min $10.00
Foreign Currency Conversion fee nr
Over-the-credit-limit fee $35.00
Late Payment fee $29.00 or $38.00 (depending on number of incidents in 12 month period