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Bed Bath And Beyond MasterCard Credit Card Review

bed bath and beyond credit card Summary - For those who shop regularly at Bed Bath and Beyond, their credit card offer the opportunity to earn very decent reward points. In this review, we will explore this card in greater detail and also show some alternative cards that can get you discounts at their stores.

Rewards - The Bed Bath and Beyond MasterCard is issued by US Bank. According to the US Bank website, this card offers 5 reward points for every dollar that you spend at Bed Bath and Beyond and their other affiliate stores buybuy BABY®, Christmas Tree Shops®, Harmon® and Harmon® Face Values®. Any other purchases made on your card gets you one point for every dollar that is charged to the card. 1,000 Reward points are worth $10, which is a 1% rebate rate (pretty standard in the reward program industry). It appears that you can only earn these reward points in their physical store and not online.

Sign Up Bonus - As an incentive to sign up (which I'm sure every Bed Bath and Beyond cashier would mention), new card members get a $10 reward card (which can be used at their stores). You will also received a $25 coupon that is valid for purchases of $100 or more together with your new card.

Fees - Like most store cards, this card comes with no annual fee.

Bed Bath and Beyond MasterCard Peer Comparison

At 5 Rewards per dollar at the stores, this card ranks very well in terms points earning capacity as 5% rewards is the upper end of the range for store credit cards. Perhaps the only criticism of this card is that you cannot earn the extra points online. For that we have to turn to the following card.

Earn 5% Rebates on Bed Bath and Beyond Online Shopping

While you can only earn 5 reward points with this card at their stores, you cannot earn extra points for online shopping. For that, you need the Discover More Card because they have Bed Bath and Beyond as one of their online merchant partners. When you shop at their website with your Discover Card through your account (after logging in), you will get 5% rebates. Other reward programs like Chase Ultimate Rewards, Citi's Bonus Cash Center and BOA's Add it Up also have them as their partner. But none pays 5%.

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Great if You Plan To Shop A Lot At Bed Bath and Beyond

If you plan to shop a lot at this store (could be because you are on a home renovation spree), you might just want to consider getting this card because you can earn a decent amount of reward points which will help you save money at the store.

If you also shop online at their website, then the Discover It Card might be a good additional card to get to supplement the Bed Bath and Beyond MasterCard.