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Credit Score: 704 Credit Limit: 7000 Age: 25-34
Posted 04/03 2018
Overall Rating:
I have both the It and the Chrome card. IT was the first card I got. Then I decided that I also wanted the Chrome for the 2% on restaurants. I wasn't sure if I would be approved since I already had the IT card but I was instantly approved. I got the IT card when my scores were much lower so the credit limit was actually higher for the Chrome than my IT.

I really like Discover. The customer service is really top notch (compared to BOA - have their cards as well). Calls get answered quickly and reps seem much more knowledgeable. I have never been passed around from rep to rep. Their app is also great and the notification is very fast.

The one thing I really benefited is that I got double cash back for both cards!
Credit Score: 810 Credit Limit: 15000 Age: 35-44
Income On Application: $130000
Posted 01/25 2018
Overall Rating:
My score was over 800 and I was surprised I only got $15k as my starting credit since I have higher limits on my other cards. I got this card for the gas and dining 2% rewards. After I got this card, I concentrated all my spending on it and earn a nice double cash back after the first year.

But I do not use this card anymore. I am a Sam's Club member and their Mastercard gives much better rewards. For example, you earn 4% on gas (up to $6,000 limit a year - which is better than the $1000 quarterly cap of the Discover Chrome). You also earn 3% cash back on dining vs 2% on this card.

Discover's customer service is really fantastic and as many have said here, the app is great. Updates happen quickly and almost instantaneously. However, the rewards aren't as great as many cards. The quarterly cap IMO ruins the cash back.
Credit Score: 690 Credit Limit: 7000 Age: 25-34
Posted 11/09 2017
Overall Rating:
I got this card about 2 years ago. Back then, my scores were about 690 on EQ and I was approved instantly for $7000 limit. The card has been great to me and I have only wonderful things to say about Discover about their customer service and their app and website. However, after a year, I realized that I was reaching the cap for the gas and restaurant spending within about 2 months. I decided to I should get another card. I researched a few cards and these were the alternatives. Costco Visa gave 4% on gas and 3% on restaurants. But I was not a Costco member. Blue Cash Every was 2% gas and just 1% on restaurants but you get 3% on groceries. In the end, I decided to get another Discover card, the IT instead. It seems like every year, they will have a quarter where you can earn 5% on gas. This will help my situation and you can't beat 5% on gas. Now, I use both and it works out perfectly for me.
Credit Score: 620 Credit Limit: 500 Age: 18-24
Posted 08/16 2017
Overall Rating:
I got this card when I was a student and got a small $500 SL like most students I guess. The card has been great for me and like many others have said here, the app is great. You get notified of your transactions very fast you can pay your bills through the app though I used auto-pay. I kept the card when I graduated and my credit limit has increased to $4000 (after a few rounds of increase).
Credit Score: 743 Credit Limit: 12000 Age: 25-34
Posted 07/29 2017
Overall Rating:
I was about to embark on a kitchen reno and was looking for a card with 0% deal so I could put a couple of appliance on them and get 0% interest. I already had Chase and Citi so I decided to get Discover. I chose the Chrome over the IT because I figured I was not going to use the 5% on the first year anyway. I applied for the card and was instantly approved. Got the 0% for 14 months on both purchases and balance transfer. SL was $12,000.

I bought a new dishwasher, stove and fridge and charged it to the card and did not use the card for the next 14 months. Instead, I divided my purchases by 14 and paid it off within the 14 months. I had absolutely no problems with the 0% promo at all.
Credit Score: 764 Credit Limit: 5000 Age: 35-44
Posted 04/02 2017
Overall Rating:
Prior this getting this card, I had the Miles and IT card. The miles I got years ago and the Discover It was a recent one (maybe slightly over a year). I decided to cancel the Miles card because I found out that I was using the It most of the time. Then I was looking around the Discover website one day after logging into my account. I thought maybe I should get the Chrome since they give you 2% cash back on gas and restaurants (which the IT did not give). I wasn't sure if they would approve me since I had already canceled their miles card before. But I decided to apply anyway and was surprised that I was approved. My limit was not that high but that is because I already have a decent limit for the It card. The good thing about getting the second Discover card is that I did not have to download the app again. And BTW - the app is simply awesome.
Credit Score: 687 Credit Limit: 7000 Age: 18-24
Posted 03/17 2017
Overall Rating:
I got both the Discover Chrome and It. I got the It initially and I am really happy with it. But I found myself not fully using the 5% cash back every quarter because they were not relevant for me all the time. So I decided to get the Chrome since you can earn 2% cash back on gas and at restaurants. The Discover It also has gas in the 5% category so I use the It for gas during those times.

Like many have said here, the app is awesome and their customer is top notch as well. One thing I found out was that I got the double cash back after the first year for double cash back. That was very nice!!
Credit Score: 674 Credit Limit: 4000 Age: 25-34
Posted 02/11 2017
Overall Rating:
For some reason, I never seemed to be able to get good limits with other banks. BOA and Citi have approved me for cards with $700 and $1000 limits. I decided to give Discover a shot and chose the Chrome rather than the IT because I did not fancy the 5% categories. I was so pleased that Discover gave me a starting limit of $4000. Now after over a year, my limit has increased to $9000. Meanwhile, I am still stuck with those crappy limits from my other cards.

The Discover app is miles ahead of my other cards. The transactions report immediately (like after I sign the check in the restaurant). I can pay bills and check my Fico score with it. Super cool.

The customer service is also as advertised. Real live person picks up. There is none of the "our menu has changed. Please listen carefully and select the correct number" nonsense.
Credit Score: 705 Credit Limit: 5000 Age: 18-24
Income On Application: $60000
Posted 09/30 2016
Overall Rating:
This was my very first card after I graduated from college and got my first job. In college, I had the Citi TY and used it just a bit. But that was enough to get my scores up to the 700 level. I got a credit limit of $5000.

The rewards for this card work out well for me since I eat out quite a bit. I also like earning 2% at gas stations. The app is very good. You can use the cash back you have earned to pay your statements. You can also check your FICO score through the app. After a year, you also get the "double your cash back". (wished they had it every year!).
Credit Score: 769 Credit Limit: 10000 Age: 25-34
Posted 07/31 2016
Overall Rating:
I was deciding between the It and the Chrome and decided that trying to remember the 5% categories every three months was just going to be too much. I decided to go for the Chrome as it is very easy to remember that you earn 2% cash back on gas and restaurants. I applied and was instantly approved and my SL was $10,000. Card came about a week later. I set up the app and I just use it for every thing. You can set it up to notify you on every transaction and use it also to pay your bills. I had my bills set up on autopay instead.

I lost my card once and I got my card 2 days later. Customer service is so different from other typical ones like Comcast or Verizon and even other banks. You get a live rep fast and they are definitely all US based.
Credit Score: 724 Credit Limit: 12000 Age: 25-34
Posted 06/08 2016
Overall Rating:
Like others here, I had to pick between the Chrome and the IT. I ended up choosing the Chrome because the 5% categories that change did not appeal to me. The customer service is excellent and the app is good as well.

However, after a year with the card, I discovered the Costco Visa. Since I am a Costco member, I decided to get that card instead because it offered better rewards on gas and restaurants. With the Chrome, you earn 2% for gas and restaurants for up to $1,000 in these spending within a quarter. I have 2 cars (one SUV) and spend about $80 a week on gas. That works out to about $320 a month or $1,280 a quarter. So I would already bump up to my limit just on has. The Costco Visa gives me 4% on gas for up to $7000 a year. And also 3% at restaurant. And 2% at Costco.

I have now stopped using the Chrome and use the Costco card instead.
Credit Score: 720 Credit Limit: 10000 Age: 35-44
Income On Application: $110000
Posted 06/03 2016
Overall Rating:
I have an Amex (BCE) and a couple of Visa cards and decided to get Discover. I actually went to their pre-approval site and got pre-approved for both the Discover it and the DIscover it Chrome. After looking at the rewards, I decided that the Chrome would be a slightly better fit. I really did not fancy the idea of rotating categories even though they paid 5%. Gas and restaurants at 2% seems more simple.

I decided to go ahead and apply and was instantly approved for a SL of $10000. The really cool thing about Discover is their app. It is easy to use and you can pay your payments from the app and check your FICO score too.
Credit Score: 695 Credit Limit: 7000 Age: 25-34
Income On Application: $95000
Posted 04/17 2016
Overall Rating:
I already had the Discover it. So I decided to get this for the gas and restaurants (which the it only sometimes have as a 5% rotating category). After I pressed the submit button, I was taken to another page where it said "we are almost done, we just need to verify a few things". I had to upload my DL and SSN card. I was then asked to call a number and after a couple more questions, I was approved. SL was $7000.

I also got the 0% for 14 months and an apr of 17.99%. I now use both the it and chrome and they have both been my go to card. For the gas rewards, there will always be a quarter in the year where the IT gives you 5% cash back on gas. For that period, I will use the IT for gas and then once that is over, I will switch back to the Chrome.
Credit Score: 650 Credit Limit: 5000 Age: 25-34
Posted 12/10 2015
Overall Rating:
I was really surprised I got approved for this card. I took a chance with their pre-approval site and was pre-approved (not recommended) the Chrome, with 0% for 14 months and 19.99%.

After a year, I got their double cash back and it was really sweet. I am still using this as my goto card. I am actually tempted to get the IT for the 5% cash back too.
Credit Score: 620 Credit Limit: 500 Age: 18-24
Posted 11/30 2015
Overall Rating:
I applied for this card when I got into college when I was 18 years old and was approved for $500 limit. At first, I used it only at restaurants or dining places, then I started using it for everything else. Since I work in college, my have more "spending money" and I was able to rack up a couple of hundred dollars in cash back the first year. Discover also matched it!

The app is super cool and easy to use. You can get alerts on every transaction and it is easy to use. You also get your FICO score in your statements once a month (or you could check the app too though it is probably only updated once a month).

Customer service is absolutely top notch and a live customer rep always picks up (no dialing 1 or 2 or 3).