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Credit Score: 805 Credit Limit: 11000 Age: 45-54
Posted 05/15 2018
Overall Rating:
Was a United frequent flyer for the longest time and had their card. Then I stopped flying due to a change in career. I got the new United card again for the sign up bonus and used it for a while. For as time went by, miles got devaluated and I decided that enough was enough and ditched the card.

After looking at various non-airline type reward cards, I realize that there are 3 types. The first type are like the Amex and Chase Sapphire and the annual fee Citi TY card that allows you to transfer points. But from my United experience, I do not want to go through that hassle again. The other type of cards are the no annual fee cards that pays you 1% rewards. The third type has annual fee and pays 2% rewards. So I settled for a happy medium and this card fits the bill. No annual fee and 1.5% for every spending.
Credit Score: 786 Credit Limit: 8000 Age: 35-44
Posted 02/28 2018
Overall Rating:
Enough folks have mentioned about the rewards of this card. I just want to say that the customer service from Discover is absolutely top notch. Calls get answered quickly and by English speaking folks. This alone makes it worth getting any of their cards
Credit Score: 746 Credit Limit: 6000 Age: 35-44
Posted 01/06 2018
Overall Rating:
After lots of digging around, my choice boiled down to the Miles and the Quicksilver. Both are 1.5% cards. In the end, I went with the Miles because

1. You get 3% for the 1st year

2. Free credit score

3.$30 airplane wifi credit - though I doubt I'd use that feature.

4. From what I have read, Discover has great customer service and after having this card for a while, I can say that is absolutely true.
Credit Score: 729 Credit Limit: 5000 Age: 25-34
Posted 10/16 2017
Overall Rating:
I have always wanted to get a Discover. So it was a toss up between the IT and the Miles. I went with the Miles because you get 1.5% flat out. I do realize that the IT has 5% categories but am not sure if I will fully use it. Perhaps I will get the IT later and use both!
Credit Score: 776 Credit Limit: 9000 Age: 35-44
Posted 06/28 2017
Overall Rating:
I recently switched from the Chase Sapphire Preferred to this card as I found it increasingly difficult to use miles and having a high enough spending level to justify the annual fee. This card is great IMO because you get 1.5% back (3% the first year) which is much better than the standard 1% of most rewards cards anyway.
Credit Score: 0 Credit Limit: 0 Age: 25-34
Posted 05/14 2017
Overall Rating:
Just got it and think this is a fantastic card. Look forward to getting 3% rewards this year and will be using this card exclusively for now. I prefer an incentive sign up bonus like double rewards the first year rather than the typical spend $5k and get 30k miles that seems to be the norm of frequent flyer cards.
Credit Score: 0 Credit Limit: 0 Age: 18-24
Posted 05/09 2017
Overall Rating:
For over 20 years, I had the US Airways card. Stopped flying on business years ago but still kept the card. I kept charging to it to earn points. But redeeming miles with US Airways is getting more and more difficult and so I finally decided to stop paying the annual fees, dumped that card and get this one.

After much researching, I found that this card is quite similar to the Capital One Silver, but with the added benefit of getting your credit score.

I am pretty sure there are many folks who are in my situation. My suggestion would be to really consider this card if you have stopped being a true frequent flyer.
Credit Score: 674 Credit Limit: 3000 Age: 25-34
Posted 04/27 2017
Overall Rating:
Am very excited to get approved for this card. I like the blue design although I wished it was made of metal and not plastic. Most of the cards I have looked at allow you to earn 1X and perhaps 2X for things like dining. I like the fact that this is a straight 1.5% for everything.
Credit Score: 681 Credit Limit: 4000 Age: 25-34
Posted 01/24 2017
Overall Rating:
cannot say enough good things about this card. Simple. 1.5% (3% for 1st year). Fico score. Excellent customer service.
Credit Score: 763 Credit Limit: 9000 Age: 45-54
Posted 11/21 2016
Overall Rating:
If you compare this card, it is very similar to the Capital One Quicksilver 1.5% card. But here is why this is better:

1. 3% rewards for the first year. Yes, only the first year, but still better than nothing.

2. Free FICO score

3. $30 statement credit for airplane wifi purchase (if you fly).

The only area that Cap One is better is that Discover is much less popular abroad.
Credit Score: 735 Credit Limit: 5000 Age: 25-34
Posted 08/19 2016
Overall Rating:
Great card and great design too. I have the Chase Sapphire and while it is nice you get 2X on things like dining, I think nothing beats a straight 1.5% for everything card. And there is also no annual fee. Card design is quite cool too.
Credit Score: 735 Credit Limit: 5000 Age: 25-34
Posted 06/29 2016
Overall Rating:
Great card and great design too. I have the Chase Sapphire and while it is nice you get 2X on things like dining, I think nothing beats a straight 1.5% for everything card. And there is also no annual fee. Card design is quite cool too.
Credit Score: 778 Credit Limit: 1000 Age: 45-54
Posted 05/13 2016
Overall Rating:
Most reward cards I have researched give you 1X points. The ones that give you 2X or 3X on some type of expenses normally charge you an annual fee. So getting the Miles is kind of a no-brainer. Plus CSR are all so friendly and competent. I also like getting my scores on my statement. Really neat.
Credit Score: 715 Credit Limit: 6000 Age: 25-34
Posted 04/04 2016
Overall Rating:
As I was in the market for a non-airline frequent flyer card, I did extensive research. To me, the choice boiled down to Capital One Venture and the Miles. On paper both had the same features, but the Miles has some extras which makes it a better value.

1. You get 3% rewards the first year.

2. You get free fico score.

3. $30 credit for airline wifi purchases.

Otherwise both cards give 1.5% in rewards and have no FX transaction fees.

Got approved instantly and have been please so far. Customer service is prompt, native English speakers and great.
Credit Score: 778 Credit Limit: 10000 Age: 45-54
Posted 02/23 2016
Overall Rating:
Applied online and got instant approval.

Customer service is great.

I personally prefer a card like this where you get a straight 1.5% rather than other cards where you get 1X and then 2X for "some categories". Most of the time, you will not get back 1.5X with these cards.
Credit Score: 694 Credit Limit: 3000 Age: 25-34
Posted 11/22 2015
Overall Rating:
I got this card because of the double bonus for the first year (ie 3%). I am really sick and tired of these spend $3000 for a 30,000 or 50,000 miles bonus that frequent flyers cards are dishing out these days. I am not a high spender and it does not really matter with this card.

Oh - and CSR is absolutely top notch too.
Credit Score: 784 Credit Limit: 8000 Age: 35-44
Posted 10/17 2015
Overall Rating:
For 15 years, I have the Amex Gold. Earned lots of points and flew a lot on company business. Just changed jobs and no longer travel. So rather than paying the annual fee for my Amex and not earn enough points, I decided to go for a credit card reward program type card. After much research, I decided to go for this card.

Application was easy. Approval was instant. So far so good.
Credit Score: 730 Credit Limit: 5000 Age: 35-44
Posted 09/08 2015
Overall Rating:
I was in the market looking for a rewards card when I found out about this card. I checked my scores and they were about 730. Applied online and was approved instantly with a $5k CL.

What I like about this card is that you get 1.5 percent in points value regardless of what you spend. And for the first year, your rewards will be doubled. So in effect, you are earning 3%. After the one year, it looks like a very similar card to the Capital One Quicksilver.
Credit Score: 705 Credit Limit: 3000 Age: 25-34
Posted 06/15 2015
Overall Rating:
I have been a Delta FF for a few years and now that I am no flying with them (switched jobs and company), I was on the lookout for a new travel credit card that is not affiliated with any frequent flyer program. Delta kept devaluing their program and I was really sick of it.

Anyway, what I like about this card is that you get 1.5 points for everything. It is the same as the CapOne quicksilver but it has the added bonus of $30 statement credits for onboard wifi (which I will use). And I also get a free transunion fico score.

CSR were all English speaking and US based.

So far, I am extremely pleased with this card.