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FAQ: Can I Get Approved For Toys R Us Credit Card with Bad Credit?

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Executive Summary - Traditionally, store credit cards have been more lenient in terms of accepting applicants with not so stellar credit. We suspect that the new GE Toys R Us would be no different given that they issue both a MasterCard and a store card.

One of the most frequent questions we get about this card is where you can be approved if you have bad credit. The question is understandable because many folks who have bad credit or have emerged from bankruptcy have had success with store cards or credit cards from retail store.

Since the Toys R Us card has just changed hands to GE Capital, it is too early to tell. But I think we can get a clue from the fact that there is both a MasterCard and a store card. If your credit is good, then you should get approved for the MasterCard. But if your credit is not so good, then chances are that you will get the store card instead.

From researching lost of forum posts on credit score required for store cards. I would say that you should have success even with a low 600 store. And even if you do not get the MasterCard, the store card should still report to the credit bureaus and help you build a credit history.

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