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GE Toys R Us MasterCard Review: Part 3

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Executive Summary - "R"Us members who get this MasterCard would experience a big jump in terms of the points they can earn and the rewards that you could redeem. The number of reward dollars you can receive a month increases a lot when you are approved for this card.

As mentioned the our introduction, GE is now their issuer since 10th July 2012. The card is a MasterCard and has additional perks from just being an "R"Us member.

If you decide to sign up for the credit card, you will be automatically enrolled in the "R"Us reward program. If you actually have the credit card, you will get more perks compared to just being a "R"Us member. How so?

  • Earning Points
  • - In our previous discussion about the "R"Us program, we found out that you could earn double points on eligible purchases and one point on "certain product categories". There were also some items that were "not eligible" and hence you could not earn any points.

    But if you have a MasterCard, then you could earn 4 points per dollar that you spend on eligible purchases. And remember those items that only earned you one point like INCLUDES V.I.B. (Very Important Baby) card loads and all gift cards, video games, video game hardware, video game accessories, Apple products, diapers, wipes, formula and food purchases? Well, with the MasterCard credit card, you will also earn four points on these. So it is a great step up from just being a reward member.

    And on every other purchases outside of Toys R Us or Babies R Us, you will earn the standard one point per dollar of purchases.

  • Higher Earnings Allowed A Month
  • - Recall that if you are just a "R"Us member, you can only get $20 in reward dollars a month (which is mailed to you). If you earn more than that, it will be rolled over. But if you have the MasterCard, you can earn up to $150 in reward dollars a month. That is a much higher limit.

  • Fine Prints
  • - If you are just a reward member, you need to shop here for 24 months or you risk losing your points. If you have the credit card, you have to use it at least once within 12 months or risk losing your points. You will also risk losing your points if you mis paying your bills.
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