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Is the Toys R Us Credit Card Good?

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Feature Summary
  • Earn 4 points per dollar at their stores
  • Earn up to $150 in reward dollars a month
Executive Summary - A card that will let you earn a decent amount of reward points if you shop often enough at either Toys R Us or Babies R Us. "4%" rewards is close to the top end of the range for retail cards. If there is any issue I have with the program, it has more to do with the reward program rather than the credit cards themselves.

If you have read this far in our review, you'll be wondering what we think of this card. Overall, I would say that the Toys R Us credit card is a good card. Why? Couple of reasons.

You can earn four points on "eligible purchases". This is at the upper end of the range (as some other retail cards give card members five points). Secondly, you get your reward dollars once you earn 500 points (versus 1,000 points for the previous cards issued by Chase).

The second thing I like about the card is that you will get your reward dollars in the mail automatically. Sometimes, we tend not to remember points we have earned in various programs and having the rewards sent to you will appeal to some folks.

There are some things that I do not like about the card. Firstly, you do have to use your card at least once in 12 months or you risk losing all the reward points you have earned. I can understand why credit card issuers would impose this rule as they do not want cardholders who only use their cards occasionally.

The second I do not like about the card (or rather the reward program) is that when you use your reward dollars, you have to make a purchase that is at least equal to the value or exceeds it. Because if you don't, then you will lose the the value that is not used!

I would conclude this review by saying that if you intend to shop a lot at Toys R Us or Babies R Us, then perhaps you should consider getting this card because you can earn points and save money on future purchases. But understand that the more "reward dollars" you earn, the more you are kind of "forced" to go back to the store to buy more stuff!

If you do not shop here a lot, or perhaps you just shop at many other stores, then perhaps a "R"Us membership will be sufficient.

For those with bad credit, I guess there is really no harm in applying since if you are rejected for the MasterCard, there's always a good chance that you will get approved for the store card anyway. Just make sure you actually shop at Toys R Us if you want to get the card.

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