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Part 5: Toys R Us: How to Maximize Reward Points?

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Executive Summary - Being a member of the "R"Us program means that you will frequently get emails about coupons and special promotions. Very often, these promotions allow you to earn more points. Hence "promotions" + "sales" = more points seems like a good thing for members. But there is another little gem in their program, and that has to do with baby registry. Read on to find out.

If you are a member of the "R"Us program, there are a couple of ways you earn really earning lots of points.

The first is through promotional periods. Once every while, a particular Toys R Us or Babies R Us store will have some promotions going on. You would have to register for the promotions, but you can earn double qualifying points for these promotions. From our understanding, it means that if you are "R"Us member only, you will get 4 points per dollar on these items since you are already earning double points. And if you are a credit card holder (either MasterCard or Store card), then you will earn eight points rather than four.

You can also earn more points when you created a baby registry. Here's how it works. Once you register a baby registry, you then link your "R"Us member number to the baby registry number. And for the next 90 days, anyone making a purchase through your baby registry number will earn you points. The formula is the same as being a member. You earn double points on eligible purchases and one point per dollar spent on diapers, formula, wipes, baby food, video games, video game hardware, video game accessories and Apple products. V.I.B (Very Important Baby) card loads and gift card items added to a Registry do no earn reward points.

If you have the "R"Us MasterCard and you want to earn as much points as possible, then you should definitely use the card for all your purchases.

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