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AskMrCreditCard Daily Recap – 10th August 2012


Here are today’s update from our site and around the web.

Latest reviews and posts

  • Have just updated shopdiscover.com merchant partner list
    We have just updated our shopdiscover.com online merchant partner list. As usual the number of merchants continue to grow and you earn a minimum of 5% cash back unlike other portals (which start at 2%).
  • Update on the Platinum vs Gold shootout
    We just updated our comparison shootout between the Amex Gold and Platinum charge cards to reflect the latest features and information we have on the card.
  • From around the web

  • Orchard Bank Cardholders being sent letter by Capital One
    Those of you who are Orchard Bank cardholders will have gotten an email telling you about the switch to Capital One. If you have not received it, it is worth checking your inbox and spam folder for it.
  • Got approved for Discover Student for $1,000 CL
    Discover’s minimum credit lines for their student card is $500. Quite rare to get a $1,000 line – but this post on creditboards.com still shows it is possible.
  • See how the BA Premium Economy Seats Looks Like
    Brett from Cranky Flier has also just experienced sitting in the British Airways premium economy seats and shares his thoughts on it.
  • Some Really Cool Pics of Crotia
    Check out these really cool pictures of Crotia (coastline). It should give you inspiration to rack up miles!


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