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AskMrCreditCard Daily Recap 13th August 2012


What’s New On this Site?

New review: Kaiku Visa&#174 Prepaid Card
Weird sounding name it is. But it has one of the lowest monthly fees among all the prepaid cards out there. Find out what we think about this card.

New review: Continental Finance Matrix Discover Card
Yet another sub prime card review. Not too keen on these stuff. But when you have bad credit, you pay the price through higher fee!

News From Around the Web

Some Retailers are not for the Swipe Fee Settlement
The devil is always in the details. And some retailers are not happy with the language in the 100 page document.

Cutting lines while boarding a plane is really not a cool thing to do
And there are consequences. You gotta check out the video of a student apologizing to the entire plane for cutting lines.

What do expect when you spend $100mm on airport security system?
Answer: Security! And not not someone just walking through the runway!

Which airline has the widest first class seat?
The answer is in the post, but unfortunately, it does not fly to the US!


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