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Kaiku Visa Prepaid Card Review

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Executive Summary - A new prepaid card by First California Bank and marketed by their ISO Kaiku. It is a rather competitive offering with no application fees and a very low monthly fee as well.

Kaiku is the latest prepaid card that is appearing in this very crowded space. The first question you are likely to ask is "who is Kaiku?" and "what is this prepaid card about?"

Well, this card is actually issued by First California Bank. And Kaiku is the ISO (independent sales organization) promoting the card.

In recent times, we have seen big players like American Express and Western Union dramatically reducing the fees on their prepaid cards and putting pressure on other issuers. So how would this card fare? Let's find out.

Fees - Fees are the thing potential prepaid holders have to watch out for. There used to be fees for almost everything until recently, when the landscape became more competitive.

One of the first question anyone should ask themselves is whether there is any application fee. Thankfully, the answer is no. Another issue with many prepaid cards is that they charge a fee for transactions (yes, simple transactions). But once again, Kaiku is not guilty of that.

Most prepaid cards charge a monthly maintenance fee (though cards like the American Express Prepaid Card waive that). And this card is no different. But the cost is relatively low, just $1.95 a month.

Now, let us look at you can load money onto the card.

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