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American Express Credit Cards Reviews | Unbiased Look At Amex Cards

American Express Credit Card FAQ and Reviews

How do I dispute a merchant charge?
If you need to open a dispute for a charge on your statement, the easiest way is to visit Once here, click on "Open a new inquiry". Select the type of inquiry you have and then select the appropriate merchant charge. You will be able to find more information about the charge and, if necessary,open the dispute. It takes about 5 minutes and helpful information is provided along the way to make the steps as easy as possible.

How can I get a replacement card?
Please send us an email so we can assist you. However, if you have recently changed your address, are replacing more than one card, or requesting delivery to an alternate location, you must call our Card Replacement Unit at 1-800-992-3404 (if you are calling outside the U.S., you may call us collect at 1-336-393-1111). Once your request is processed, you should receive your replacement card within 7 to 10 business days. Please inform us if you require your replacement card sooner.

What is the mailing address for bill payment?
What is the Express Cash program?
Our Express Cash program allows you to withdraw cash from your bank account or an American Express credit account using your American Express Card. To enroll in Express Cash and receive a PIN number, contact our Express Cash department at 1-800-CASH-NOW (24 hours/7 days).

How do I transfer a credit balance between two of my American Express card accounts?
Please include the last 5 digits of each referenced account along with your request and a customer service representative will process your credit balance transfer.

When will I be able to view my Year-End Summary online?
The Year-End Summary in any given year is generally available on the website in the following January or February, depending on your billing cycle. You will find it at You will be asked to log in for security purposes. Please note that not all of our Card products are eligible for the Year-End Summary.

Can I change my billing due date?
Contact us with your preferred due date by calling the number on the back of your Card. A customer service representative will review your account for eligibility.

I am financially struggling and would like to keep my Card(s). Is there a program that can assist me through this difficult time?
We understand that difficult times can make paying your bills harder. We would like to help. Due to the specific details required to set up your particular plan, we need to speak with you. Please call us at 1-800-678-0738. From outside the United States, please call collect at 1-336-393-1111 to discuss a program that would be suitable to help you resolve your debt with American Express.

Am I covered under Car Rental Loss and Damage Insurance?
The plan is available to most Personal and OPEN Cardmembers with a billing address in the 50 United States, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin Islands. In order to activate the coverage, the rental automobile must be paid in full with an eligible American Express Card and you must decline the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) offered by the rental company. Please note the plan does not cover all types of vehicle rentals. For more information and eligibility requirements, please call 1-800-338-1670 (outside the U.S. call collect at 1-440-914-2950) or visit us online at

What is the Extended Payment Option?
The Extended Payment Option is a feature of the American Express Card that gives eligible Cardmembers the option to pay all eligible purchases of $200 or more over time. There's no fee to enroll and you continue to enjoy all the great benefits and security of your American Express Card. Visit our Card Benefits page for more information.

How long can I view my account activity online?
You can view up to two years' worth of past account activity by viewing your statement online. You may also download and print copies of older statements by clicking the 'View Your Billing Statement' link and following the directions to 'Order Past Statements'.

How many billing statements in PDF format can I access?
You have immediate access to the last six months of PDF billing statements online. You can also make an online request to receive any of your PDF billing statements dating back to October 2004. These will be available within 24 hours of the request.

Can I view my Year-End Summary in PDF format?
Visit and click on the PDF icon to download your Year-End Summary in PDF format.

How many bank accounts can I assign to my Card account?
You can assign up to three bank accounts per Card account. You must use a checking account from your bank, credit union or savings and loan. We cannot enroll savings, money market, line of credit, credit and investmentaccounts. Please note, you must be an authorized signer on the checking account, and you cannot enroll using information from a balance transfer check.

How do I make a Pay by Phone Payment?
You may schedule a payment using our Pay by Phone system by calling 1-800-472-9297 (24 hours/7 days). Your payment will post to your American Express account within 48 hours.

How do I check the status of my Card application?
If you've recently applied for an American Express Card, you can check the status of your application at

You will need to enter your Social Security number and home zip code.

How long does it take to process a line of credit increase request?
The normal time frame for processing a line of credit request is 7 to 10 business days. Once processing is completed, you will be notified by e-mail or U.S. Mail.

What happens to the points in my Membership Rewards account if I cancel my enrollment?
If you voluntarily cancel enrollment in the program, or if you cancel your linked Card(s), you may still redeem the Membership Rewards points you've accrued as long as you keep at least one American Express� Card. You will have up to 30 days to redeem the points. If we cancel your enrollment in the program for any reason, all accrued points will be forfeited immediately. However, if we reinstate your account within one year, any points accrued in your program account may then be redeemed for a reward (refer to complete program terms and conditions for further details).

Can I download my YES/EMR into Microsoft Money�, QuickBooks� and Quicken� software?
You can only download your Year-End Summary or Expense Management Reports into Excel or as a PDF.

How does the Extended Warranty work?
When you charge the entire cost of a covered product with your American Express� Card, the Extended Warranty1 will extend the terms of the original manufacturer's warranty for a period of time equal to the duration of the original manufacturer's warranty, up to oneadditional year on warranties of five years or less that are eligible in the U.S.

Can I increase my Membership Rewards point balance by buying points?
You may purchase points in 1,000-point increments for $25 per 1,000 points, which will be billed on your Card account.

- Points purchased are subject to all the terms and conditions applicable to points, including those concerning forfeiture.

How do I check the order status of a purchase I made through ShopAmex?
Go to and click on Order History. Order History is a tool that helps you manage and monitor the orders you make through shopAmex� including the on-line merchantâs invoice information from each order such as the date, the item(s), the name of the merchant, price, the payment method, and the shipping information. It also displays the status of each order. Order History will securely store all this information for up to one year.

How do I download my transactions to my preferred management software?
You can initiate a download of your recent activity or past six statements into Quicken, Quickbooks, Microsoft Money, or Microsoft Excel.

How do I file a claim under the Purchase Protection Plan?
Contact our Purchase Protection department at 1-800-322-1277 (24 hours/7 days). If you are outside the U.S., call collect at 1-303-273-6498.

You must report the claim within 30 days of the theft or damage, complete a claim form, and send it to the claims administrator within 60 days of reporting the theft or damage.

I lost my wallet, but Iâm enrolled in the Credit Card Registry service, now what?
Call us toll free 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and we'll notify your charge, credit and debit card issuers to cancel your cards (including non-American Express), and request replacements on your behalf.

Can I download multiple accounts at once?
Yes. You can select all your Cards that are registered under the same online User ID, at the same time. Simply select the dates and Card accounts by checking the relevant boxes on the page.

How do I file a claim under Return Protection?

Once you have verified the merchant will not allow you to return the item, call Return Protection at 1-800-297-8019 within 90 days of your original purchase. We will ask you to provide a copy of the original store receipt, and the American Express� record of charge if different than the store receipt, within 30 days of your call.

How do I cancel automatic payments for household bills I have set up for payment on my Card?
Contact each service provider directly to cancel your service or to change your method of payment. In some instances, the provider will offer you the option of cancelling and updating information on their website.

If I pay household bills with my Card, what should I do if Iâve upgraded, renewed, or replaced my Card?
If you have set up a bill for automatic payment, and you now have a new Card, you will need to contact each service provider and give them your new Card account information in order to avoid service interruption.

If Iâm enrolled in Automatic Flight Insurance, how should I charge Scheduled Airline tickets to ensure full coverage?
Charge your Scheduled Airline tickets for each Covered Person separately and individually to your enrolled Card account. To be covered for the full benefit amount, separate charge forms must be used for each ticket. If tickets are not charged separately and individually, the benefit amount will be reduced proportionally. A premium for each trip will be automatically billed to your monthly statement.