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Citi® Forward Card - vs Chase Amazon

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Executive Summary - One of the hidden gem of this card is that you can earn five points per dollar that you spend at (because they are classified as a "bookstore"). But the Amazon card only allows you to earn three points! So this makes for an interesting alternative if you shop at Amazon.

One of the reasons why I have chosen to highlight this comparison is because (as you will see at the end), the Citi Forward card makes a great alternative to the Amazon credit card if you shop.

Gas, Drugstore

To understand why this is so interesting, we have to look at the reward formula for the Amazon card. If you are a card member, you will earn three points per dollar that you shop at You will also earn double points for spending on gas, dining, drugstore and office supplies.

To be honest, we are not really bothered about earning double points with the Amazon card. But if you are quick, you would have already noticed the Amazon card only pays three points for shopping with them at (well) But the Citi Forward Card allows you to earn five points on books, music and movies. Here's the key question:

Will using your Citi credit card at earn you five points if you buy books, CDs, DVDs or BluRay? The answer turns out to be YES! Well, if the answer is YES, wouldn't we earn more "points" at with Citi's card than Amazon's own card? Yes, we would. And you can exchange Thank You points for Amazon Gift Cards as well!

But the Amazon has a slight advantage if you decide to redeem your rewards for airline travel. If you earn Thank You points, the value of the points is 1% (ie 100 points gets you $1 in value) when you redeem for travel rewards from their online booking center. But the Amazon rewards allows you to use 25,000 for "up to" $400 in airline tickets. If you truly max it out this way, that is a 1.6% return (slightly better than Citi).

But either way if you shop at Amazon, this is actually a good card to use as you can earn five points per dollar there.


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