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Part 2: Citi® Forward Card - Thank You Points

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Executive Summary - Like most Citi rewards card, this one is based off their Thank You Rewards Program. In this part of the review, we'll do a brief recap of the rewards that are offered by the program. To be honest, it's offering are pretty much in line with what other top credit card reward programs offer.

Now that we have just looked at the features of this card, let us now examine the rewards program and see what kind of rewards you can redeem with this card

The points you earn with the Citi Forward Card is called Thank You Points. These points can be redeemed for a variety of rewards. It is important to note that Thank You points expire in five years and so you have to be careful not let them expire.

Like most credit card reward programs, you can use your points to book your travels from their online portal. You could book airline tickets and hotel stays. Citi's online travel portal is run by Connexions Loyalty Program, which provides ticket availability. Connexions has partnered with major airlines, hotels and car rentals and the prices provided by the Thank You portal will be the same as other online booking sites powered by the company.

Booking is free when you redeem your points online. You may be asked to pay a booking fee if you call a customer service representative. The points will also cover the taxes and fees when you book your tickets.

You can also redeem your points for gift cards. You can exchange 2,500 points for $25 in value, 5,000 for $50 in value and 10,000 for $100 in value. Below is a screen shot of a merchant gift card. The exchange value is 1% and is rather good value compared with other programs.

You can also exchange points for merchandise. The exchange ratio is quite competitive to other programs and there are lots of things to choose from. You could also exchange points for experiences or even donate it to charity.


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