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Citi® Forward Card Review vs Other Thank You Cards

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Executive Summary - A comparison with other Citi reward cards based on the Thank You program yields some interesting insights. Turns out that this card beats all the other cards solely based on its point earning capabilities and also it's APR reduction feature.

Citi has two other rewards card that have the same reward program (Thank You) and also has no annual fee. They are the Citi ThankYou Card and the Citi ThankYou Preferred Card. We will now highlight the differences between these two cards because if you are reading this, then you would like to some comparison.

Restaurants, Bookstore, Music, Movies
Regular Purchases

Let's get the similarities out of the way.


  • Same Reward Program
  • - We just mentioned this and we'll say it again. Whatever points you earn on all of the cards can be redeemed for rewards from the same reward program.

  • No Annual Fee
  • - All of these cards have no annual fees as well. But one thing to note is that for the Citi Forward Card, there is a $50 annual fee if you add an additional cardholder (which is one something I do not understand!)

How Are These Cards Different?

  • How You Earn Points
  • - We know that this card allows you to earn 5 points per dollar at restaurants and entertainment expenses (specifically music, movies and books). The other two cards on the other hand, only allow you to earn one points per dollar on all purchases. Hence, from a points earning capacity point of view, this is a much better card.

  • APR Reduction Feature
  • - As mentioned earlier in the rewards section, this card has a APR reduction feature whereby you can your APR reduced by 0.25% every three months (up to 2% in two years) if you use your card, do not go over the limit and pay your bills on time. The other ThankYou cards do not have these features. Hence, if you carry a balance, this would be a better card.

    Verdict - When we compare all of these cards, it is clear that the Citi Forward Card is better in terms of the points you can earn. If you do carry a balance, it is also the better card to get.

    Now that we have compared this to Citi's other rewards cards, let's now look at how it stacks up against other issuers.
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