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Citi® Forward Card - Is It Good?

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Feature Summary
  • Earn 5 Points on Dining, Movies, Music and Bookstores
  • Reduce your APR by using the card and paying on time
Executive Summary - After much investigation, we can see that this card will suit those who carry a balance and spend a fair bit of their entertainment money on dining, movies, music and bookstores as this is the area where you will get the most bang for the buck.

After comparing this card with other Citi Thank You cards and with the Chase Amazon, we can see that this card is unique in a couple of ways. Firstly, it is one of the very rare cards that actually reduces your APR if you pay on time, use the card and do not go over your credit limit. It is also the only card we know that gives you five points on dining, books, music and movie purchases. No other card we know has such features. As a result, this card will suit you if:

  • Good If You Carry A Balance
  • - If you are someone who is always carrying a balance, then this is a great card to have. As we mentioned in our review of the rewards, you can reduce your interest rate by 2% over a two year period. Recall that each month that you pay on time, make purchases on the card, you will get your APR reduced by 0.25%.

    Obviously, if you do not carry a balance and always pay in full (PIF), then this feature will be irrelevant to you.

  • Best Card To Use At Restaurants, bookstores and movies
  • - If you are a frequent traveler, then this card might not be so good for you because you do not earn extra points for travel expenses. But you do earn 5 points for restaurants, books, movies and music expenses. Hence, if you are a regular person who spends some of your entertainment dollars on these, then this card is made just for you. In fact, this card pays the most number of points at restaurants. And this is the card that pays the most points at bookstores, movies and also for music.

  • Great If You Aren't Looking For Cash Back
  • - By now, you should be aware that this is a reward card that is based on Citi's Thank You Network reward program. So if you are looking for a cash back card, then this card will not suit you. But if you do not mind redeeming points for travel, merchandise or gift cards, then this card will suit you.

    To sum up, this is possibly the best credit card to use at restaurant, movie theaters and bookstores. For those of you who shop at amazon a lot, this card will allow you to earn even more points because Amazon is considered a "book" store. If you carry a balance, you will find this card even more appealing. Even if you already have other cards in your wallet, adding this card to your arsenal will help you earn even more rewards because no other card has such reward points features

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