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Executive Summary - One of the little known perks is that you can exchange the cash rebates you have earned for gift cards. And to make it worth your while, you will get a value on your gift card that is more than the cash back you have earned.

Most cash rebate cards will only allow you to earn them for cash. But this card offers card holders an alternative. You could also choose to redeem for gift cards. Question is why would you want to do that? Well, the reason may be because Discover is giving you an incentive to do so. How?

When you redeem your cash back for any of their gift card partners, you will receiving a gift card that is more than the value of the cash back you have earned. For certain merchants, you get double the value as well.

If you check out the list below, you will find that their cruise partners and Hyatt hotel all gets you "double the value" of your cash back.

Below is the list of their gift card partners.


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