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Advanced FUN and 137th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show Tickets For Chase Cardmembers


Starting from today (8th October 2012) at 10:00am EST until 11th October 2012 10:00pm EST (Thursday), card members of Chase credit cards will be able to book advanced tickets for FUN and the 13th Westminster Kennel Club Dog show before the pubic can even get their hands on them.

I got of this in the morning when I checked my email and because I am a Chase Freedom card holder, I got the notification in my ibox. Here is the screen shot.

The date for the FUN music show at the Radio City Hall is for the 2nd February 2013 at 8pm. The tickets are available on a pre sale basis from Ticketmaster. To ensure that only Chase card holders book these advanced tickets, you will need to provide the first six digits of your Chase card in the offer code box during the purchase process. Here is the link to the booking page.

The 137th Westminster Kennel Club Dog show will be held over a two day period from 11th to 12th February 2013 at Madison Square Gardens in New York City. The show times are at 8:00pm and 7:30pm respectively for the two days. This is a favorite show of mine and Mrs Credit Card (because we own a standard red poodle!) and we like to see who the winner is in different categories every year. Last year, a Pekingese won the overall show and it’s been a while since the standard poodle has won! We are awaiting that day! (BTW – our is not groomed like those in dog shows!).

We have been watching this on TV for many years. I’ve always wanted to bring my family to this show. But since it falls on a Monday and Tuesday, we’ll probably give this a skip and just watch it on TV.

Like the FUN musical, the tickets are made available through TicketMaster and you need to use the first six numbers of your credit card to verify that you are a Chase card member. Here is the screen shot of the booking page.


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