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Milestone® Mastercard®
Consumer Reviews, Credit Score and Income Needed, Credit Limits

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50 Reviews
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  • Credit score from 550 to 650
  • Not more than 2 hard inquiries during the last 6 months - this is a major factor for getting denied
  • Preferably has 2 other tradelines for at least 6 months - this can include student loans or auto loans etc
  • On-time payments on all debt for at least 1 year
  • No tax liens
  • Minimum income of $20,000
  • Checking Account Required

Pros and Cons of Milestone


  • $700 Credit Limit
  • No Fees For Paying Bills
  • Accept Past Bankruptcy Applicants


  • No App

Editors Review
Editors Review

Is Milestone Credit Card A Good Card?

This is one of the better unsecured credit card for rebuilders. It has a reasonable annual fee and does not charge any one-time application or processing fee and monthly fees. Rather than apply first and risk a hard pull, you first pre-qualify (only soft pull) and if you do pre-qualify, you can then decide if you want to proceed to get the card.

It is ok to apply for this card even if you have just emerged from bankruptcy and there do not check your income. However, it is best that you have a score between 600 and 640 for best chances of approval.

For those of you looking to add another credit card to your rebuilding efforts, this is one card you can consider.

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My credit was not in the best of shape before Covid 19 and since the pandemic hit, I was fortunate to be considered an essential worker and had a job. My income was ok as well. I decided to really work on my credit and decided to get an unsecured credit card. I got rejected by Credit One and even First Premier. After getting pre-approved, I pulled the trigger and got approved. My annual fee was $75.

My score jumped 25 points after I got approved and they do report after the first statement. They also do bill you the annual fee on your first statement. Like others have said here, there is no phone app and the website is dated. But after using this for a few months, my score has improved and it is now about 630. I do charge about $58 a month (my hulu bill) and pay it off every month.
By Approved during Covid19 : 08/14/2020
Most Helpful 4-5 Star Review
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I got of bankruptcy during May, at the height of Covid 19 and I lost my job. I took unemployment for a while but managed to get a job in July. My score coming out of BK was 560. I decided to go straight for an unsecured credit card rather than a secured card and decided on Milestone.

I tried the pre-approval and did get pre-approved indeed. Then I decided to pull the trigger and got approved. My annual fee was $35. They billed me that amount during the first billing statement. So far this card has been ok. Like almost everyone here has said, their website is dated and they have no app. But they still approved me after BK and only a short "recent income" history. So I am grateful.
By AeroplanPilot : 07/09/2020
Most Helpful 2-3 Star Review
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Do not get this card. Not sure if other folks experience this but for me, they put a 14 day hold after I paid my bills. I checked the terms and conditions and they do say they might put a hold on your payment for up to 14 days. That means you have to wait two weeks for your payment to clear until your credit limit is restored. I now only charge a very small amount every month to the card. None of my other cards have such issues.
By 14 Day Wait : 05/26/2019
Credit Score: 700 Credit Limit: 700 Age: 55-64
Posted 10/04 2022
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I am looking at the information contained on this page regarding the milestone credit card, and it says annual fee of $35,$59 or $75 dollars. First off I never applied for this card, that's why I could not put an income as i never applied for this card. When I started to investigate this account on my credit report. I found the information below. When I called they told me it was the annual fee of $175 plus interest that is resulting in a balance on the account. I said I never received a card, statement, or requested this card. The rep told me they have no way to verify if I applied for it or not. But would have to put a ID theft flag on my credit profile to have it removed. Or I have to let them close it and have it show as "account closed at request of consumer". They cant remove the account, or they wont remove the account, unless I file an identity theft report. Which in this case they are the ID thieves that opened the account. Now they tell me that they are not the ones who process the application. And telling me that they cant close it. This company is opening accounts up for people without their consent, in the hopes that they will keep the card and pay their insane annual fee that does not match what is on their website.

Annual Fee-as posted on this website.
$59 or
$75 for 1st year and $99 thereafter

Credit Score: 576 Credit Limit: 300 Age: 25-34
Posted 11/11 2015
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So when I got the card, the annual fee was $75. However, during the second year, they jacked it up to $99. This is ridiculous/
Credit Score: 672 Credit Limit: 300 Age: 25-34
Posted 08/21 2014
Overall Rating: star ratingno star ratingno star ratingno star ratingno star rating
They charged me an annual fee of $35 for the first year. Then they started charging me $99! This is just absurd. I cancelled the card.
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