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Retail store credit cards, unlike general reward program credit cards, only allow you to earn points and redeem them for a particular brand of merchandise. These cards will appeal to those who shop very frequently at a particular retailer.

Best Retail Store Card For Holiday Spending

We personally have this card and got it to save on a jacket that I bought! Like it's peers, you get advanced sales notices and coupon certificates once you have earned the required number of points. For LL Bean fans, this one is worth getting.(See Review Here.

Williams-Sonoma is a niche store which has its fans of loyal shoppers. It's main attraction is their specialty in cooking and kitchen ware. Book signing by cookbook authors and cooking demonstrations are another key attraction. If you shop frequently here, their card might be something you want to look at. (See Review Here).

The Walmart Credit Card is a store credit card that can only be used at Walmart. You can save 3 cents per gallon at Walmart stations and also get a free monthly credit score.

Walmart has teamed up with Discover to offer the Walmart Discover Card. It is a slimmed down version of the regular Discover More Card. Find out more about this card.

The Overstock MasterCard is ideal for frequently shoppers at and who are members of their Club O program. Not only do you earn 3% reward points, but you annual fee for Club O is also waived. But we will also highlight a couple of cards that also allow you to earn 3% cash back at

finger hut Some of you reading this have very poor credit and even some of these retail store cards may not approve you. If that describes you, you may want to consider a catalog card like the Fingerhut. It is a catalog mail order and also an online store. Unlike stores like which offer you free shipping, this store does not and you might just have to pay a tad more. But you do get a credit line and it has no annual fee. This should allow you to build up your credit history via an increase in available credit in your reports.

The Old Navy Credit Card is the card for frequent shoppers at Old Navy stores. But you could also earn rewards at other stores like GAP and Banana Republic (same chain!). The rewards work out to 4% for purchases made at Old Navy.

Mrs Credit Card has the GAP credit card. So I can tell you first hand about this card. But here is the sneak preview. You earn 5 points for every dollar you spend at GAP, and their partner stores like Banana Republuc etc and you get lots of other goodies as well. Does she like it? Would we recommend it? Find out in our review.

Fans of American Eagle Outfitter will be glad to know that there is an American Eagle Outfitter Credit Card available for you to earn rewards. Immediate 15% discounts, birthday discounts come with the package. But as we found out, there is another card that allows you to earn 5% rebates from their online store!

The Sears Credit Card is more of the most popular store cards (because Sears is huge) and Sears is one of the rare stores that actually has a proper reward program. But do you want to discover a card that pays you 5% or even 10% rebate to shop there online? Read our review then...

The Target Red Card used to be a store credit card for target. But it has now been converted into a debit card that let's you earn 5% rebates at Target. It is actually quite neat offering for regular Target shoppers.

The Apple Credit Card is issued by Juniper Bank and is actually just meant to provide financing for folks who want to finance buying an Apple computer versus paying for cash. Turns out that we've found another credit card that let's you earn 5% rebate from your Apple purchase while still allowing you to use a student ID or qualify for business discount. But you have to read our review (above) to find out.

office depot credit card The Office Depot Credit Card will save you money if you really buy lots of stuff (ie office supplies) from them. But in our review, we have also highlighted a couple of cards that pay you the same rebates if you shop online with them. With this card, you get 5% discount off Office Depot purchases.

Maybe you are not a Office Depot person, but more of a Office Max shopper. And if you are a MaxPerk Rewards Member, you can earn 5 points for every dollar you spend at Office Max. And if you have the Office Max credit card, then you can earn an extra 3 points (making it a total of 8 points) whenever you shop at Office Max.

For those of your gadget shoppers who buy your stuff at Best Buy, they have the Best Buy Credit Card that will help you earn rewards when you make purchases there. Read our review to see other ways of earning more rebates from Best Buy.

The Ace Credit Card is actually a pretty decent card that allows you to earn 5% rewards when you shop at Ace hardware stores with your card. But the reward program falls way short of other store reward programs. So how does this affect our recommendation of the card? Find out in our review.

Outdoor folks who shop at Cabela's Club can apply for the Cabela's Club Visa Credit Card to save money on their Cabela's purchases. We also highlight other cards that allow you to save money at Cabela's.

Cosmetic manufacturer Avon has their own Avon Credit Card. However, you only get to earn one point for every dollar that you spend even on Avon products! Turns out that there are other cards that let's you earn as high as 4% rebates on Avon purchases.

The Sony Credit Card is a card that big fans and consumers of Sony products will relish. Purchases of Sony products earn you 5 points per dollar price and you can exchange them for lots of Sony goodies too.

barnes and nobles credit card If you shop a lot at Barnes and Nobles, then the Barnes and Nobles credit card may be just the right card for you. But we also found a card that allows you to earn twice the amount of rebates if you shop online. Find out which card is it?

amazon credit card For frequent book buyers at, the Amazon credit card will help you earn points that you can constantly use for your next This card is really for folks who buy stuff there really frequently.

starbucks duetto visa credit card The Starbucks Credit Card is really a niche credit card for the Starbucks lover who goes to Starbucks a couple of times a day. If all you want to redeem your rewards is for a free Starbucks coffee, then this is the card for you.

Toys Mums with little Toddlers will probably find themselves a lot shopping at Toys R Us stores. And if you are constantly buying gifts there, you might want to consider getting the Toys R Us Credit Card to earn rebates from shopping at their stores.