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Slate® from Chase : vs Citi Simplicity

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Executive Summary - One can compare this card with lots of other vanilla cards. And it will ultimately boil down to interest rates and perhaps teaser rates in any shootout. But we chose the Citi Simplicity because it has a unique feature which most cards do not. How will Chase fare?

Being a plain vanilla card, we could literally compare this card with many others. But we have chose the Citi Simplicity because it has features that make it stand out from the rest (just like the Slate from Chase).

  • No Late Fees
  • - One of the things that the Citi Simplicity prides itself in is that they will not charge you a late fee if you are late for your payment.

    To be honest, I sometimes get weary about cards advertising this feature because I always believed you to should always pay your bills on time and in full. However, I do acknowledge that sometimes, stuff happens and it is a good thing if late fees are waived.

  • Chase has BluePrint
  • - While Chase does not waive your late fee (though a phone call might just do the trick), they do have the blueprint feature. As explained earlier, this is a great feature for those who carry a balance.

    It is a great convenient tool to manage how fast you will pay off your balance. And having this tool may just be the motivator to pay off your balance faster (which is always a good thing).

  • This Card has no balance transfer fee
  • - One of the key attractions of this card is that if you do a balance transfer (0% for 15 months at the moment) within the first 60 days, there will be no balance transfer fee.

    Citi has a 18 month BT deal but charges a 3% BT fee. Hence, I would take the Slate® from Chase over Citi any time.
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