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Slate® from Chase: BluePrint Explanation

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Executive Summary - BluePrint is available in all Chase cards. It is particularly useful to people who carry a balance and would like a plan to pay it off. There is a feature that might help you to reduce your interest payment as well.

One of the unique feature of this card (and in fact of all Chase cards) is the BluePrint. It consists of actually a few mini features that help you manage your balances (if you carry one) and is particularly useful to folks who want some help in planning to pay off balances.

  • Split - for large purchases
  • - The second feature is called "Split". This is most appropriate if you make a large purchases and you cannot pay it off in full all at once. Split allows you to either decide how much you can afford to allocate payment for that item or how long you want to pay off that item. It will then set up a plan for you. Below is a screen shot of how it will look in your statements.

  • Finish It
  • - While "Full Pay" and "Split" are to help you pay off certain expense types or large purchases, "Finish It" is plan set up for you to pay off your balance completely. Once again, either choose how much you can afford to pay each month (hopefully above the minimum amount) or you decide how much you wish to pay off your balance. Blueprint will then formulate a plan to pay off your balance. Below is how "finish it" will look in your statement.


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