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Travel Benefits of Slate® From Chase

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Executive Summary - If your credit is good and you manage to get the Visa Signature version of this card, then you will get a host of travel benefits (including travel accident insurance). We will explore these features below.

If you were to wander around Chase's website, you will find any travel benefits listed. When I called Chase to find out, they said that since those benefits are provided by Visa, I could check them out at Visa's site! So I did that and decided that I should provide that information in this review since I'm sure you would want to know about this.

When you get approved for this card, you can either be approved of any version of Visa. If you have excellent credit, you are likely to get approved for the Visa Signature version. Or you could be approved for a traditional Visa (with comes with less benefits than the Signature version).

The traditional Visa comes only with car rental insurance, emergency card replacement and cash advance,lost or stolen card reporting and zero liability for fraudulent charges.

But the Signature version comes with much more benefits, especially travel. Here is what you would get.

  • Travel Accident Insurance
  • - When you use your card to purchase travel tickets, you will be covered for a minimum of $250,000 in the event of death or accident resulting incidents like like of sight, limbs etc. If you have paid for your transportation before you actually leave for the airport (eg taxi etc), you will also be covered for that trip.

  • Lost Luggage Insurance
  • - This is one perk which you are more likely to find handy. If you pay your travel tickets with the card, and your luggage gets lost or did not reach it's destination, you could claim up to $3,000 in damages (NY residents can claim up to $2,000).

  • Roadside Assistance
  • - Visa Signature cards also provide roadside assistance whether you are driving your own car or a car rental. A per service call of $59.95 is charged and includes towing (up to five miles), tire changing, jump starting, lockout service, fuel deliver of up to five gallons excluding the cost of fuel) and winching.

  • Travel and Emergency Assistance
  • - This service provides card members with a number to call should they require legal, medical or language translation service (especially when you are traveling abroad). So for example, if you are driving a rental car abroad and your car breaks down, you can call Visa and they will arrange roadside assistance for you (there is no charge for Visa to arrange this service but you have pay for the actual service).

    Or another example would be that you get into an accident or you need help in finding a medical specialist or need legal assistance because you have gotten into some trouble, Visa would be able to help you out.
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