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British Airways Visa Signature® - Benefits

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Executive Summary - In part 3 of this review, we will key features provided by Visa Signature. We will look at the Luxury Hotel collection, online merchant partners and their concierge service. We will it is necessary to highlight these because applicants of this card will most likely use them when traveling.

As mentioned in the previous section on the cards rewards, this is a Visa Signature Card. Which means it comes with a set of benefits that Visa provides for their Signature series of cards. In this part of the review, we will look specifically at their luxury hotel deals benefit and in later sections, explore the rest of the other travel and shopping benefits in later sections.

We have already ascertained that this card is great for earning miles and is also pretty user friendly for people who travel outside the US. That is because FX transaction fees are waived and EMV technology (more widely used outside the US) is used. One of the key benefits of having a Visa Signature card is that for a traveler, you can get a whole set of partners by booking Visa's hotel partners.

Luxury Hotel Collection - Visa Signature has a perk called the luxury hotel collection. This is very similar to the Amex Platinum Fine Hotel and Resorts program. If you check their site, you will be able to get discounts at various hotels. Among the perks you will get are:

  • Guaranteed Best Room Rates
  • Room Upgrades upon arrival (if they are available)
  • Free in-room internet or valet parking (depending on the City, one of them would prove much more economical)
  • You also get a complimentary continental breakfast
  • You can check out at 3pm (if the hotel is not fully booked)
  • You also enjoy guest VIP status and will get a $25 voucher

Discounts with Merchant Partners - Visa has also teamed up with various merchants to give cardholders discounts when you shop online with them. This is very similar to online shopping portals offered by various credit card issuers.

Concierge Service - Concierge service used to be a perk only available to cards that charge hundreds of dollars in annual fee. But since Visa offered this service in their Signature series, the price to get such service has fallen. With card, you do get this benefit and you could use them book your travel or for almost any service.

Now that we have covered the Luxury Hotel Collection and Concierge service, let's now look at the travel benefits.

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