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Part 6: British Airways Visa Signature - Extended Warranty Benefits

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Executive Summary - Another frequently asked question from readers is what sort of extended warranty or even purchase protection features comes with this card? Being a Visa Signature, this card comes with standard features provided by Visa cards with the Signature label. In this part of the review, we will explore this feature.

The extended warranty feature is also we get asked often from readers about this card. This is how this feature works on this card. If you make a purchase with the card and the warranty from the manufacturer is three years or less, you can get that extended. Here is how it works.

If the warranty from the manufacturer is one year or less, your warranty will double if you use the card to pay for your purchases. Let's use an example. You bought a digital camera and the warranty is for nine months. If you use this card to pay for it, it will be extended by another nine months. If the warranty is for one year, then it will be extended for up to one year. And if it is good for three years, then it will still be extended for up to one additional year.

The more important question for potential applicants of this card is whether this covers purchases overseas. The answer is yes, but some criteria needs to be fulfilled. The product either has to have a US based repair warranty of three years or less. If not, it needs a warranty from the store or from the assembler.

So if extended warranties on overseas purchases is a concern, then this should address it.

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