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Part 5: Chase British Airways Visa Signature® - Car Rental Insurance Benefits

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Executive Summary - If you are even thinking about this card, it means you will intend to use Avios miles to fly with BA or their partner airlines. And you are likely to be renting a car when you travel. One of the key concerns for a potential applicant is it's car rental insurance policy (especially if you travel abroad). This part of the review clarifies that.

Let's start with renting a car abroad (ie outside the US). When you rent a car abroad, and use the card to pay the full amount, Visa will provide collision and theft insurance up to the value of the car. And if your primary auto insurance does not cover you when you are abroad, then your Visa card coverage will act as a primary coverage. If your insurance does cover you when you travel overseas, then it will act as a secondary coverage and cover your deductibles. It is best to check with your main auto insurance agent on this point because that would normally cover personal liability (which is not covered by Visa Signature).

Another thing to note is that this perk is not allowed in Ireland, Israel and Jamaica. We bring up this point because we suspect that many folks getting this card might use BA points to fly to London and then Ireland. So if this applies to you, please be aware of it.

For domestic car rentals (ie in the US), Visa's coverage will be considered secondary to your main auto insurance.

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