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Part 2: British Airways Visa Signature® - Companion Ticket

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Executive Summary - Unlike other frequent flyer credit cards, the companion ticket provided by this card is quite unique. It is special in the sense that you can use it even if you redeem an award ticket with your Avios Miles. In this part of our review, we'll give you examples of how this can really benefit you.

Like many other domestic airline affinity cards, this card offers a free companion. You get it once a year, but you have to earn it. And you do so by spending $30,000 a year on the card.

If you meet this criteria, then then you will get one Travel Anywhere Companion ticket. Many frequent flyer cards give away companion tickets. And the way they do it is as follows. You have to buy a full priced ticket with the airline and then you get the "free companion" ticket. Only thing is that it was not really free because you had to pay a full fare ticket in the first place.

The BA companion ticket works differently. You do not have to actually purchase an airline ticket. You can use the companion ticket as long as you redeem an award flight. That means aside from the fuel surcharges and taxes, the companion ticket is literally free and is of so much more value compared to others.

There are some rules that you have to be aware of. Firstly, you will receive the Travel Anywhere Tickets about 4 to 6 weeks into the new year (after 31st December). The companion ticket can only be used on BA flights (no partner airlines) and have to originate from the US (you can use them on the return trip). It is also valid for two years. The rules state that they outbound flight (ie flight out of the US) must take place before the 2 year expiration though the return flight can take place after the 2 year deadline.

If used wisely, this companion ticket can be a great value. Let's just use an example. We live in the Philadelphia region and there are BA flights to London from PHL (Philadelphia International Airport). I found out that it would cost me 80,000 Avois points and $2000 in surcharges and taxes for two business class ticket. Normally, business class ticket would cost about $5k. So by utilizing this feature, you can really get good value for your money.

So take we have covered this feature, let's move on and look at the Visa Signature feature provided by this card.

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