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Slate® from Chase Car Rental Insurance Benefit

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Executive Summary - This card is a Visa. And hence, the car rental insurance benefit (collision damage waiver) is provided regardless of the type of Visa card you are issued with. We will explain this benefit below.

The car rental insurance of this card is provided by Visa. It is also called the Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver Benefits.

This benefit is offered to all levels of Visa cards. And here is how it works. When you use the card to book for your car rentals, you will be covered for any damages and theft. That means that you can decline the collision damage waiver insurance that car rental companies always offer. There is a difference on the actual mechanism of this depending on whether you are renting a car domestically (ie in this country), or whether you are renting this abroad.

  • Domestic Rental
  • - When you are renting a car in this country, the insurance coverage provided by the card (or rather Visa) is secondary. The reason is because by law, we have to carry auto insurance. So if there is any damage from the car rental, your auto insurance will be the primary coverage. But with your own insurance, it is likely that you will have to pay a deductible. This is where the insurance provided by the card or Visa will help. It will help cover the deductibles and any amount that is not covered by your own insurance policy.

  • Overseas Rental
  • - When you travel abroad and rent a car, the coverage you get will be a primary coverage if your main auto insurance does not cover you when you are abroad. If you are covered abroad, then once again, the coverage is a secondary coverage.

    The one thing you have to be aware of is that this benefit is not available in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Jamaica and Israel.

The benefit covers most vehicles (with the exception of what Visa classifies as exotic vehicle). The amount covered will be the value of the vehicle.


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