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Slate® from Chase : Introduction and Key Features

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Executive Summary - A card with a vertical design and a great balance transfer offer. It also has a very unique feature called Blueprint which is great for those who plan to carry a balance. It presently has (in our opinion) the best 0% deal in the market (15 months) because you are not charged any balance transfer fee for the first 60 days of your card membership.

The Slate from Chase was introduced in 2009 and replace their Chase Platinum Card. Previously, their so called "Platinum" card was a simple vanilla credit card with no rewards. But they did offer decent 0% deals occasionally and a pretty good interest rate if you have good credit.

  • Vertical Design
  • - The new card continues the tradition but comes with a couple of twist. Rather than a standard design (which is horizontal), the design of the new card is vertical and comes in a dark blue color. Some find this unique while other will find it strange.

  • BluePrint Feature
  • - The second thing that is unique with this card (and with all chase cards) is the feature called BluePrint.

    The BluePrint is a feature that came about after the 2008 financial crisis and is designed to help consumers. We will go into greater detail in the next section of the review. But to summarize, this feature allows consumers to plan better on how to pay off their balance (if you decide to carry one). You could plan to pay off certain items "in full" and not be charged any interest on those items even though you technically carry a balance.

    The tool also allows you to plan how long to pay off a major purchase you have made and it also allows you to track those payments.

  • No Balance Transfer Fee for first 60 days
  • - Like most cards, this card also offers teaser 0% deals. At this moment, you get 0% introductory rate for 15 months (applies to both purchases and balance transfers). There is no BT fees charged with this offer if you transfer your balance in the first 60 days, which is very unique in today's market.

Now that we have gone through it's main features (briefly), let's us take a more in depth look at these (and other) features.


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