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Card Details
Card Details

Opensky Credit Card Details

Issuer Capital Bank
 Annual Fee  $35
 APR (Purchases)  18.89% V
 APR (Cash Advances)  18.89% V
 Min Security Deposit  $200
 Max Security Deposit  $3000
 Reports As  Unsecured
 Foreign Transaction Fee  3%
 Cash Advance Fee  Max ($6 or 5%)
 Late Payment Fee  Up to $40
 Return Payment Fee  Up to $40
 Grace Period  25 Days
 Additional Card Fee  $0

Pros and Cons
Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons: Opensky


  • No Credit Check
  • Report as unsecure
  • Can use debit or prepaid card, Western Union for deposit


  • Cannot graduate (because Opensky has no unsecured credit card)

Our Take
Our Take

Is The Opensky Credit Card Good?

In our opinion, this is one of the best credit card for those of you who have really bad credit and have been denied from other cards. The key feature of this card is that there is no check check so you do not risk any hard pull at all. All they need is to verify your identity. It also reports as unsecured (which appears as normal "credit card" in your credit reports).

You also do not need a bank account to deposit your refundable security deposit check. You can do so with a debit or prepaid card, Western Union, Snail Mail check or money order. In fact, funding your deposit by debit or prepaid card is the fastest method and you get your card sooner.

If you have already been rejected by other unsecured or even secured credit cards, this card is a great option to rebuild your credit. The lack of hard pull on your credit report is definitely worth the $35 annual fee. Once your credit score has improved enough to the point when you can get an unsecured credit card with no annual fee, then you can simply cancel the card and get back your fully refundable deposit.


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Credit Score: 486 Credit Limit: 200 Age: 35-44
Posted 05/23 2017
Overall Rating:
Everything is great about this card except for one thing, the 5-7 day payment hold. For this, I am giving this a 3-star instead of 5.
Credit Score: 513 Credit Limit: 200 Age: 35-44
Posted 04/14 2017
Overall Rating:
I got this card and the application process was easy. You have to send in your deposit when you apply. The thing I like about this card is that they is no credit checks and you do not need a bank account. I used my debit card to fund my deposit.

However, your deposit does not earn interest. So I would recommend not putting any more than you need in the account. They also have a payment hold of about 5 days for your account (at least for me until the 6th month).
Credit Score: 554 Credit Limit: 200 Age: 25-34
Posted 01/24 2016
Overall Rating:
Opensky puts a payment hold on your account for about 10 days. So my suggestion is to use just fraction of your limit and pay in advance if you want the full credit limit to be available for the next cycle.