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Trip Mate Review


Trip Mate is a service that offers travel insurance plans that provide administrative services for claims, product design and underwriting. They also provide a number of benefits which include terrorism coverage without geographic or political restrictions as well as waiving the policy exclusion for pre-existing conditions, lost baggage protection and protection in case of injury or emergency cancellation of the trip.

Most notable for this series of reviews though, is that Trip Mate offers a Physical Health Records (PHR) service with its insurance called Global Xpi. Global Xpi allows users to store, access and update medical information securely once registered. Members are issued a Global Xpi card that allows sharing of information with a treating physician, pharmacist or health care provider.

There is no additional cost for the Global Xpi service if you purchase a Trip Mate travel protection plan. The PHR service is available for up to 90 days after you return from your trip.

Access to your vital information can help a medical provider to:

• review your medical history;
• alert the treating physician of drug allergies that could be life threatening;
• warn treating physicians of possible dangerous drug interactions by listing your current medications;
• allow physicians, previously unknown to you, to make a more accurate diagnosis and decisions regarding your care;
• help to prevent unnecessary testing by providing baseline medical information.
• better evaluate your current condition;
• contact your personal physician;
• contact your primary Medical Insurance Provider.

Besides, the PHR service, Trip Mate also travel insurance also includes 24/7 customer service, online claim reporting, first call customer care and a one call worldwide travel services network. Plans are underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Company.


If you are looking in to travel insurance, you may want to take a look at Trip Mate. As far as PHR services go, this is probably more for those who specifically want the service only when traveling as it is only available for up to 90 days after you return from your trip. Those that need their health records updated regularly and shared with physicians and medical facilities will probably want to look into one of the other PHR services that are available for long term use.


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