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SPG 30,000 Bonus Sign Up Ending 4th September 2012


The SPG 30,000 bonus offer on both their consumer and business cards will expire tomorrow. So this is really the last day to get on this if you have been thinking about signing up for the card. The normal bonus is 25,000 points and they have a special bump up once a year. If if you miss the boat here, you have to wait a bit for them to increase the sign up bonus from their usual base level.

There’s something to take note of here. You need to be approved by 4th September for you to get this sign up bonus. So if you apply today and do not get instantly approved, then you might miss out of the 30k bonus. So make sure that your credit score is in decent shape before you apply.

One of the interesting thing to note is that if you get this card, you will get 5 nights and 2 stays that will count towards your elite status. What many people do not know is that if you also get the business version in addition to the consumer version, you will also get an additional 5 qualifying nights and 2 stays. So in total, you’ll get 10 qualifying night and 2 stays if you have both cards. This will go a long way towards your qualification of elite status.

Here is a quick recap of how to earn the 30k points. After your first use of the card, you will earn 10,000 points. And if you spend $5,000 within 6 months, you will get the additional 20,000 points, making it a total of 30k.


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