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If You Split Your Focus, Are You Doomed To Fail?


Happy Saturday Everyone!

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about productivity and focus. Frankly, it seems like the less I focus, the less I produce. (That’s pretty well a given, right?) But what about splitting your focus? Is it possible to focus on many things at once and do them all well? Or, by splitting our focus, do we dilute our energy, time and power?

These are things I’ve wondered as I’ve watched Sarah Palin speak, and seen the gnashing of teeth around the blog-o-sphere – particularly from other women. Not everyone is out to chew her up and spit her out of course, but there have been some interesting questions raised.

How can she be VP and a mother? How can she meet the demanding needs of her youngest child, and our country? How can any mother for that matter? At the end of the day, in our hearts, can we truly say that splitting our focus between our family, and careers was successful?

I think some of us can, and some of us cannot. It’s a personal question, and we each live with those answers every day of our lives.

Can we really give the very best of ourselves to everything we do? What could we be if we achieved laser-tight focus on one goal? Would it be worth the loss of everything else?

If you have thoughts on this matter, I would love to hear them. It’s a sensitive topic, but one that I think is worth discussing.

In fact, the same could be said of our finances: Do you want to be debt free? Should you save for retirement while you do it, or just focus on your debt?

Should you massively diversify your investment portfolio and split the focus of your money? Or should you concentrate your money in the areas you think will bring the most profit?

Undeniably, you would expose yourself to risk by focusing your assets, but by spreading your money too thinly among many investments, don’t you risk losing your chance at the greatest profit?

With those thoughts in mind, I’d like to focus in on the most thought-provoking, inspiring articles that came out this week. Each one gave me something to ponder, and I hope that if you take the time to read some of them, that you will enjoy them too!

Introducing Steadfast Finances:

Matt at Steadfast Finances is a regular reader and commenter here at Ask Mr. CC, and he always has something insightful to contribute. After he left a couple of comments, I decided to go have a look at his site – I was not disappointed. He had a couple of articles that really stood out to me. He isn’t afraid to take an unpopular stance, and call a situation like he sees it.

To Be, or Not To Be?

To Buy, or Not To Buy?

Food for Thought:

Many thanks to these carnivals for featuring our posts this week:

That’s it for this post! Wishing you a merry weekend full of focused, family, hobby or fun time!

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