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Freedom Gold Card

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By : Mr Credit Card

At a Glance

The Freedom Gold Card is a catalog card from Horizon Card Financial Services. The starting credit limit is $750 and the APR on purchases is 0%. Other benefits include roadside assistance, discounts on prescription meds, legal services and free credit score. There is also no credit checks or employment checks and you will definitely be approved if you have a debit card.

Ideal For

  • Those with poor credit and have been denied other credit cards and cannot get a regular credit card (you only need a debit card to apply)
  • Those of you who do not want to incur another hard inquiry on your credit report (no income or employment checks)
  • Those of you who need to improve your credit utilization ratio (as this card starts with a $750 limit but has a track record of credit limit increases)

Card Can Be Used At Horizon Outlet

The first thing you have to understand about the Freedom Gold Card is a credit card that can be used at their online store It is not a Visa or Mastercard and you can only use it at Horizon sells a variety of goods including electronics, apparel, beauty products, jewelry, kids and baby products and home products as well. Below is a screenshot of their online store.

horizon outlet

Buying and Paying with Freedom Gold Card

When you buy something from, you can either pay in full or carry a balance. One of the nice things about carrying a balance is that the APR is 0% so you will not be paying any interest for any of your purchase. In this sense, the Freedom Gold Card is really a Buy Now Pay Later Store Card.

You do know however, have to pay a $3.50 charge for shipment verification. This has to be paid with a debit card before it will be shipped to you. The minimum payment is either 10% of the balance or $25. If you buy something that is $25 or less, you have to pay in full.

Card Details Summary

Now for the card details like fess and rates. Below is a table listing a summary of this card's details.

Annual Fee $0
Regular Membership Plan $14.77/month
Starter Membership Plan $6/month
Regular APR 0%
Minimum Payment $25 or 10% of Balance
Credit Bureau Reporting Reports to One Credit Bureau

Membership Plan Benefits

The regular membership cost $14.77 a month. For the fee that you pay, you will get the following benefits:
  • Free Roadside Assistance - Members are eligible to receive up to 1 service call or towing request every 30 days and no more than 3 within a twelve-month period.

  • My Universal RX - My Universal RX is a plan that allows you to receive up to 50% discounts on prescription drugs.

  • My Legal Assistance - This is a service where you will get a free 30 minute consultation with a legal attorney (does not include criminal defense).

  • Credit Hawk Free Credit Report - This is a service whereby you get a free credit report which you can access anytime.

Cards Like Freedom Gold Card

Card Monthly Fees Annual Fee Fee Credit Reporting Credit Lines
Freedom Gold Card$14.77$0Equifax$750
Net First Platinum$14.77$0Equifax$750
Innovation Platinum$14.77$0Equifax$750
Merit Platinum$14.77$0Equifax$750
Horizon Gold Card$14.77$0Equifax$750
Pulse Platinum$19.95$0TransUnion$1,000
Unique Platinum$19.95$0TransUnion$1,000
Vast Platinum$19.95N.A.TransUnion$1,000
Unique Platinum$19.95N.A.TransUnion$1,000
Opensky Secured$0$353 Credit Bureaus$$200 - $2,500
First Progress Secured$0$293 Credit Bureaus$200 - $2,000

Compared to Other Cards by Horizon Card Services

Freedom Gold is issued by Horizon Card Services. And they have many other cards like Horizon Gold Card, Net First Platinum, Merit Platinum and Group One Platinum. If you look at the table above, they all have identical fees, terms and conditions.

Compared to Cards from Unique Card Services

Horizon Card Services main competitor is from Unique Card Services. Like Horizon Card Services, Unique Card Services also has a few cards like Unique Platinum, Evolve Card, Choice Gold Card and Vast Platinum. Their monthly fee is higer at $19.95 a month (vs $14.77 a month) but they do not have a lower tier membership plan to downgrade to. Also, Unique Card Services reports to TransUnion. They also start you off with a slightly higher credit limit of $1,000 compared to Freedom Gold Card and other Horizon Services Card of $750. However, Freedom Gold has a track record of credit line increases and members have been known to get up to $1,700 to $3,000 credit lines.

Comapred to Other No Credit Checks Cards

There are a couple of no credit checks secured credit cards like Opensky Secured Visa Credit Card, First Progress Secured Credit Card and Self Secured Visa. These cards are actually Visas and Mastercards and can be used anywhere unlike Freedom Gold. If you have enough cash to put down a security deposit, you might be better off getting any one of these secured credit cards.

What we Like About This Card - 7-Day Risk-Free Trial, $750 Unsecured Credit Limit

  • 7 Day Free Trial - Freedom Gold Card gives you a 7 day free trial in which you can use their card but you will not be charged the monthly membership fee. You can cancel anytime within 7 days.

  • No Annual Fee - This card has no annual fee though it does charge a monthly fee (in return for certain benefits).

  • 0% APR - Since this is a buy-now-pay-later store, the interest rate is 0%. But as explained earlier, there is a minimum payment and you do have to pay in full if the purchase price is $25 or less.

  • No Credit Checks - There are no credit checks when you apply for the Freedom Gold. So you will be approved as long as you have a debit card.

  • Starting $750 Unsecured Credit Limit - You get a starting credit limit is $750. This is higher than most unsecured subprime credit cards.

  • Record of Credit Line Increases - The Freedom Gold Card has a record of credit line increases. Consumers have reported credit lines increases as soon as three months. Consumers have also been offered credit line increases when they cancel their cards.

  • Reports to Equifax - Under their terms of conditions, Freedom Gold will report to at least one credit bureau. At this moment, they report to Equifax.

What We Don't Like About This Card - Can Only Be Used At Their Online Store

  • Can Only Be Used At - This card is not a regular Visa or Mastercard and can only be used at their online store.

  • Monthly Fee - Though there is no annual fee and the APR is 0%, you do have to pay a monthly fee.

Freedom Gold Can Help Your Rebuild Your Credit

Many folks apply for the Freedom Gold Card not knowing that it can only be used at their online store and upon finding out, they claim this card is a scam. Well, as we have reviewed here, the Freedom Gold card is not a scam. In fact it is a legitimate card to help you rebuild your credit.

It is not a card for everyone. If you can get your hands on a secured credit card or an unsecured credit card, then you have no need for this card. But if you have been denied many rebuilder credit cards and cannot afford another hard inquiry on your credit report, then the Freedom Gold Card is an alternative because you will definitely be approved as there are no credit checks. All you need is a debit card. Since it reports to Equifax, this card can help jumpstart your rebuilding efforts until your scores are good enough for a better credit card.

The Freedom Gold Card is also great for those who want to increase their credit line and at the same time decrease their overall credit utilization ratio. This is one of the rare cards which has a track record of giving credit limit increases of up to $3,000 over time.

There are a couple of things you have to do to fully make use of this card. You should use the card a few times and pay in full. Many folks have gotten credit lines after using it a few times and paying in full and have have experienced limit increases from $750 to $1,700 all the way to $3,000 with responsible use of the card.. Freedom Gold will report to Equifax anywhere from the 10th to 15th of each month. If you can get your credit line increased to between $2,000 and $3,000, then this card would have served it's purpose. You should then keep this card until you get a better regular unsecured credit card.

To sum up, we give the Freedom Gold Card a rating of 3.5/5 for it's easy approval, no credit checks and generous credit lines.


For those of you who want soft pull credit cards with guaranteed approval and yet want a Visa or Mastercard, here are a couple of alternatives.

Opensky Secured Credit Card - Opensky is secured credit card that guarantees approval as long as you fund your security deposit. You can even fund it without a checking account and use a debit card. The annual fee is low at $35 and you only need a minimum of $200 to fund yours security deposit.

Additional Reading: Opensky Credit Card Review

First Progress Secured Credit Card - First Progress is another secured credit card that does not perform any hard inquiries. You do need a checking account to apply for this card and the minimum deposit is only $200. This is another very popular and reputable rebuilder secured card.

Addiotional Reading: First Progress Secured Credit Card

Self - Credit Builder Account + Secured Visa - If you are strapped for cash and still need to rebuild your credit, you might want to consider opening a credit builder account. Once you have saved enough, you will be given a secured credit card with a limit based on your savings. Self is one such issuer that has both a credit builder account and a secured credit card. You will also definitely be approved when you apply.

Additional Reading: Self - Credit Builder Account + Secured Visa

Application Page

Here is a screenshot of the Freedom Gold Card application page.
freedom gold application freedom gold application

On the next page, you will have to fill in your name, address, phone number, monthly pay, how often you are paid, your next pay date, your credit score range and whether you receive direct deposit. Once you submit this information, you will get the offer and confirmation. You will be instantly approved (within 60 seconds) once you submit your online application.

freedom gold application freedom gold application freedom gold application

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Customer Service Information


Horizon Card Services
P.O. Box 1275
Indiana, PA 15701

Customer Advocacy

5 days a week from 8:30 a.m. until 9:00 p.m

Cancel Membership

Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. EST, and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST (excluding holidays)
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