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By : Mr Credit Card

What Is Unique Platinum About and Who Is It For?

The Unique Platinum is an online merchandise card issued by Unique Card Services. It is a credit card that can be used in their online store You are given an unsecured $1,000 credit limit to start and there is no credit checks, income checks or employment checks. Hence, approval is easy and instant. You also get benefits like Roadside Assistance, RX Spark Prescription Discounts, Legal Assistance and even a reward program called Unique Rewards. Though it does not explicitly say so in their terms and considition, Unique Platinum does report to TransUnion.

The Unique Platinum Card is ideal for the following rebuilders:

  • Rebuilders who have been denied many cards and cannot afford another hard inquiry - Even though there are many credit cards targeted at folks like with bad credit scores, there is no guarantee that you will be approval for these cards (even secured credit cards). If this describes you and you want to avoid another hard inquiry on your credit report, then a card like Unique Platinum is a great stop gap solution until your scores improve and you can get a better Visa or Mastercard.

  • Rebuilders who need more overall credit lines to reduce credit utilization ratio - Many subprime credit cards have low credit limits (think $300 to $500) and many do not increase your credit limits. The Unique Platinum's starting credit limit of $1,000 is very generous and can help your rebuilding efforts since they report to TransUnion.

Card Can Be Used at

My Unique Platinum can be used at They sell a variety of products including electronics, health and Beauty and Home products. Below is a screen shot of their home page.

screenshot of my unique outlet online store

Buying and Paying with Unique Platinum

When you make a purchase from, you can either pay in full or pay over time. The APR is 0% so most of you will want to pay over time. You have to pay a minimum of $25 or 15% of your balance for your minimum payment. For example, if your balance is $50, then you have to pay $25 twice and you will end up paying down the balance in two cycles. If your balance is $200, then you will pay $30 as your minimum payment until the balance is paid off.

Card Details

Annual Fee $0
Regular Membership Plan $21.94/month
Regular APR 0%
Minimum Payment $25 or 15% of Balance
late Fee $10
Credit Bureau Reporting TransUnion

As you can see from the details above, you have to pay some fees to join the Unique Card Services membership shopping portal. You have to pay an upfront fee of $29.95. This consist of a non-refundable $10.00 application fee and a $19.95 for the Unique Card Services membership fee. After that, you have to pay a monthly fee of $21.94. For the fees that you pay, you get benefits like free roadside assistance. legal assistance and RX Sparks Prescription discounts. The interest rate is 0% so you do not actually have to pay interest if you pay over time on your purchases. However, this is offset by the fees you have to pay.

Membership Benefits

As we have just mentioned, membership with this card costs $21.95 a month. It comes with the following benefits:

Roadside Assistance

The Raodside Assistance benefits includes Towing, Lock-out assistance, Fluid Delivery, Tire Change, Jump Starts and Winching 365 days a year and 24 hours a day. This service is provided by Roadside Protect Inc by Signature's Nationwide Auto Club Inc.

Legal Assistance

This benefit is provided by Legal Club if America, a nationwide discount legal referral service. Below is a link to a brief summary of all the benefits you will get with this service.

Legal Benefits Summary

Rx Sparks Prescription Discounts

The RxSpark Prescription Card is accepted at over 62,000 pharmacies where you can get up to 80% off on health and complimentary products. Folks on prescription meds will find this program very helpful if you have a pharmacy near you that is part of the RxSpark network.

Unique Rewards

The Unique Platium is the only card in from Unique Card Services that has a reward program. There are lots of details in it so I'll into it in more detail next.

Unique Rewards

Gift Cards

You can use your Reward Dollars to buy gift cards from places like Chili's, J Crew, Macy's, Wayfair, Buffalo Wild Wings. You can even get 10% off when you purchase these gift cards.

Grocery Coupons

When you are in the "Unique Rewards" portal, you can search by popular categories and select coupons you like best. There are many coupons from supermarkets and groceries. You simply have to select the coupons you want and just click "print coupons" and either print them or digitally load them into your grocery store loyalty card.

Online Shopping

When you are in the Unique Rewards portal, you can shop for different types of products like tech, beauty, athletic apparel, home goods etc. When you decide to buy a particular product, you would click on the product and you will see both the cost of the product and how many Reward Dollars you can apply towards your purchase.


There are also coupons from restaurants and dining places in the portal. To find them, you have to enter your zip code and find offers near you. If you like any of them, you can click on it and use your Reward Dollars to unlock it.


There are also travel rewards in the form of hotel and resort deals that are available in the Unique Rewards portal.

Daily & EPIC Gift Card Giveaway, Pick to Win

Aside from using your Unique Reward Dollars, there are also daily giveaways for gift cards and an EPIC $500 gift card giveaway four times a year. For the daily giveaway, you simply have to log into your account everyday and click "ENTER" in the daily gift section. For the EPIC $500 gift card giveaway, you will be automatically entered.

Here is a link to the details and rules of the Unique Rewards Program.

Comparison With Other Merchandise Cards

Card Monthly Fees Annual Fee Fee Credit Reporting Credit Lines
Unique Platinum $19.95 $0 TransUnion $1,000
Vast Platinum $19.95 $0 TransUnion $1,000
Freedom Gold Card $14.77 $0 Equifax $750
Net First Platinum $14.77 $0 Equifax $750
Innovation Platinum $14.77 $0 Equifax $750
Merit Platinum $14.77 $0 Equifax $750
Horizon Gold Card $14.77 $0 Equifax $750
Pulse Platinum $19.95 $0 TransUnion $1,000
Opensky Secured $0 $35 3 Credit Bureaus $$200 - $2,500
First Progress Secured $0 $29 3 Credit Bureaus $200 - $2,000

Unique Platinum is a catalog merchandise credit line and credit card from Unique Card Services. Unique Card Services also has a few other cards that are similar to Unique Platinum. Unique Platinum also competes with cards from Horizon Card Services. We shall look at them as well.

Compared to Cards from Unique Card Services

Aside from Unique Platinum, Unique Card Services also offers other cards similar cards like Vast Platinum. All cards by Unique Card Services used to have identical fees and features. Their monthly membership fee was $19.95 (and it is still $19.95 for all cards except Unique Platinum). However, Unique Platinum now have their reward program called Unique Rewards and as a result, they have bumped up their monthly fee to $21.95. All Unique Card Services cards come with Roadside Assistance, Legal Assistance and RxSpark Presription discounts. Though the terms and conditions do not explicitly state that they report to any major credit bureau, we know that they do report to TransUnion.

Compared to Cards from Horizon Card Services

Unique Platinum also competes with cards from Horizon Card Services. These includes cards like Principal Platinum, Merit Platinum and Net First Platinum. As far as monthly membership fee goes, cards from Horizon Card Services have lower fees ($14.77 vs $19.95 for most cards from Unique Card Services). The Unique Platinum (as mentioned earlier) has a $21.95 monthly fee. For the $14.77, you get Roadside Assistance, Universal RX and Legal Assistance (Unique Platinum has these three benefits as well) and Credit-Hawk (a credit monitoring and ID theft solution service which Unique Platinum does not have). Unique Platinum has their Unique Rewards "reward program" that cards from Horizon Card Services do not have.

As far as credit reporting goes, cards from Horizon Card Services report to Equifax vs TransUnion for Unique Platinum. The Unique Platinum has a higher starting credit limit of $1,000 versus $750 for cards from Horizon Card Services (though they have a track record of credit line increases).

What We Like About Unique Platinum - $1,000 Limit, Unique Rewards

$1,000 Credit Limit

$1,000 credit limit is pretty generous for a merchandise credit line that does not perform any credit checks and allows those with bad credit to apply. Folks have been know to get credit line increases as well.

Unique Rewards

Unique Platinum is perhaps the only merchandise catalog card I know that has a "reward program". It is called Unique Rewards and those who use it will get something extra for having this card.

No Credit Checks

Unique Platinum does not check your credit or perform any hard inquiry when you apply. As long as you have a debit card, you will be approved.

Reports to TransUnion

Although their terms and conditions does not explicitly say that Unique Platinum will report to any credit bureau, we do know that they report to TransUnion.

What We Don't Like About Unique Platinum - Can Only Be Used At

Can Only Be Used At My Unique Outlet

As you should know by now, Unique Platinum is online merchandise card and not a regular Visa or Mastercard. You can only use it at

Unique Platinum Offers Large $1,000 Limit with No Credit Checks

As mentioned at the beginning of the review, the Unique Platinum is ideally suited to rebuilders who have been rejected for many other subprime credit cards and cannot afford another hard pull or hard inquiry on their credit report. Because Unique Platinum does not do any credit checks, you will definitely be approved as long as you have a debit card.

It is also ideal for rebuilders who want to increase their overall credit limit and lower their credit utilization ratio as many unsecured credit cards are stingy with credit line increases.

The best feature of this card is that you get a very generous starting credit limit of $1,000 and they do report to TransUnion. You do have to pay a monthly fee of $21.95 (in return for certain benefits including the Unique Rewards) and you also can only use it a It is worth nothing that their competitor cards from Horizon Card Services have lower monthly fees (at $14.77) and are very similar cards.

To sum up, the Unique Platinum is not for everyone. But if you have been denied every card you have applied for, then this might a card you want to start with until your score improves and you can get a proper Visa or Mastercard.


Here are some alternative cards for those of you who want soft pull credit cards with guaranteed approval and yet want a Visa or Mastercard.

Opensky Secured Credit Card - Opensky is secured credit card that guarantees approval as long as you fund your security deposit. You can even fund it without a checking account and use a debit card. The annual fee is low at $35 and you only need a minimum of $200 to fund yours security deposit. It is a Mastercard.

Additional Reading: Opensky Secured Visa Credit Card Review

First Progress Secured Credit Card - First Progress is another secured credit card that does not perform any hard inquiries. You do need a checking account to apply for this card and the minimum deposit is only $200. This is another very popular and reputable rebuilder secured card and is also a Mastercard.

Addiotional Reading: First Progress Secured Credit Card

Self - Credit Builder Account + Secured Visa - If you are strapped for cash and but need to rebuild your credit, consider opening a credit builder account. You have to deposit an amount every month but once you have saved enough, you will be given a secured credit card with a limit based on your savings. Self is one such issuer that has both a credit builder account and a secured credit card. You will also definitely be approved when you apply. This one is a Visa card.

Additional Reading: Self - Credit Builder Account + Secured Visa

How to Apply

Applying for the Unique Platinum is relatively straight forward as there is no credit checks, no income checks and no employent checks. They do however, try to upsell you other products during the application process so that might be annoying to some of you. It is best just to ignore them. I will show you how the application page looks like and what info is needed next.

unique platinum application unique platinum application unique platinum application unique platinum application unique platinum application

On the first page, you simply have to fill out your email address. Then on the second page, you fill in the usual details like first and last name, address, phone number, date of birth and if you do have a checking account.

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