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Travel Insurance and Benefits: Chase Freedom® Visa

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Executive Summary - The Chase Freedom® Visa comes with travel benefits that are mainly provided by Visa. We explore them in this part of our review. Perhaps the best perk is their luxury hotel collection.

Another often asked question about this card is their so called "travel benefits". First, let's start off the bat by saying that is depends on whether you choose to get the Visa or MasterCard version and within those categories, what version did you get.

If you get the Chase Freedom Visa, you will only get great travel benefits if you are approved for the Visa Signature version (the highest end version). Here are some of the travel benefits provided.

Travel Accident Insurance - As long as you book your travel tickets with your Signature card, Visa will provide $250,000 in travel accident insurance. You have to book your ticket prior to departing for your port of departure (most likely airport). You have to pay in full for the tickets of a 'common carrier'. The insurance is valid when you are riding as a passenger in the common carrier (eg air plane or cruise ship).

Travel and Emergency Assistance Services - This service is pretty self explanatory. When you are traveling and need emergency services like medical, legal, Visa has a number for you to call and they would do their best to provide you with assistance.

Lost Luggage Insurance - If you use the card to pay for your travel tickets on a common carrier, you will also covered for up to $3,000 if your luggage is lost (for New York residents, the coverage is only up to $2,000). The lost has to be due to a misdirection by the common carrier.

Roadside Dispatch - Roadside assistance is another service by Visa Signature. However, unlike similar services provided by American Express or MasterCard, there is a $59.95 service call. But the service includes towing, jump-start service, lock-out service, fuel delivery and "whiching". I have had a "lock-out service" provided once and this is a really useful service if you are not a member of AAA.

Visa Signature Luxury Collection - One of the great perks of having the Visa Signature version of this card is this feature. If you are traveling and are looking for a hotel, Visa has over 800 hotel partners where they offer $299 or less prices. Furthermore, you can benefits like best room rate guarantee, room upgrades upon check-in (when available), free internet access and valet parking, complimentary breakfast, late 3pm check out when available, and a $25 gift voucher which can be used at the hotel.

Travel Packages - Having this card also allows you to get discounts with hotels, cruise and car rentals. Or you could get shipboard credits, hotel credits as well.

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