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Shopping Benefits of Chase Freedom® Visa

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Executive Summary - This section explores the shopping benefits provided by this card. They are mostly benefits provided by Visa Signature and it includes a shopping mall, extended warranty and purchase protection.

Having a Visa Signature of this card also comes some great shopping benefits. Let us go through some of these features.

Shopping Mall - Visa has a shopping mall where they have partnered with hundreds of merchants. When you shop through these merchants with your Visa Signature card, you are entitled to discounts and special offers. I have taken a screen shot of their mall below. And there were a couple of interesting deals. For example, the Apple store is offering engraved iPads and the Best Buy online store is offering weekend special promotions for digital cameras.

Extended Warranty - This card also comes with an extended warranty feature, which should come in handy when you make more costly purchases like electronic gadgets. If the warranty from the manufacturer is three years or less, then this feature kicks in. Your warranty (if you pay the product with this card) will double up for up to an additional year. For example, if the original warranty is six months, then using this card will add another six months to it. If it is one year, then you will get an additional year's warranty. If the original warranty is three years, you will still get an additional year of warranty from the card. The warranty is also good for purchases made overseas.

You could claim up to $10,000 per incident and up to $50,000 of claims under this feature in a year.

Purchase Protecion - Another feature that this card offers is the protection (up to 90 days from the date of purchase) from theft, damage due to fire, vandalism. You can claim up to $500 per accident and up to $50,000 in a year for this feature.

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