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Is the Amazon Visa Credit Card Good? Should I Get It?

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Feature Summary
  • Earn 3X at, 2X points gasoline and dining
  • Redeem for amazon purchases, cash back, gift cards and travel
Executive Summary - A great to get if you shop a lot at Combines well with other cash back cards since you can also redeem for cash back with the points you earn. You also have to be aware of other cards that allow you to earn more points at

There are several things that I really like about this card.

  • Firstly, the points that you earn can be used for a variety of things. You can simply redeem them when you buy anything from If you wish to, you can redeem them for cash back or gift cards. You can even use them to book your travel. The variety of ways in which you can redeem your points puts this card a notch above most other "retail cards". It also means that you can combine this with other cash back cards to earn even more rebates.

  • The second thing I like about this is that you can use both points and gift cards during the same transaction. That means that if you do not have enough points to pay off what you are buying, you can then use your amazon gift card to pay (the value worth on the card) the rest. This is great because many store reward program prohibits this.

Should You Get This Card? - If you are researching and considering this card, then the main question you have to ask yourself is do you shop frequently at If the answer is yes, then this decision is a no brainer.

But there is something that you should be aware of. The Citi® Forward Card allows you to earn 5 points for every dollar that you spend at bookstores. And it turns out that amazon is classified as a "bookstore" with their merchant processing account. That means you could earn more "points" on that card than with amazon's own card (though they are different reward programs). If you already have a Citi rewards card or are a Citicard fan, then perhaps the Citi® Forward Card is a card which you have to consider.

Verdict - Our overall verdict is that this is a great card to get if you shop a lot at If you are a cash back person, combining this card with the Chase Freedom Visa® is a great way to max out your cash back earning.

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