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NFL Extra Points Credit Card
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I got this card because I am a huge football fan and I buy a lot of stuff from and nfl stores. For me, it is an opportunity to earn reward points to save money on future purchases. The 20% discount is also a huge help. For those who do not shop a lot at nfl stores, I really do not see the point of getting this card though from the reviews I've read, it seems like a good card to get your score up.

Had a mid 600 score and got a $1500 CL. I have had 3 other cards for the last 2 years and have paid on time and in full. Utilization is low at about 25%. I got into trouble a few years ago and the last 2 years have been in a clean up mode.
By kieren : 01/24/2014
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From my experience, I can say that if you shop at, you will like this card. This 20% discounts are a great bonus as is the points you earn.

I cannot say much in terms of customer service because I have not called them.

Approval was easy for me. Applied online and was approved on the spot. Score: 693 (TU I think). CL was $1200.
By camp : 02/19/2014
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After having this card for 2 years, I would say that this would be a great card if you really are a football fan and you use points for things like jerseys and even tickets for your team. Sometimes, tickets are to be gotten for 20k points and if you have them available, that saves you quite a bit.

Having been given a low limit, I got a CLI after 1 year to $3k. So I have no complaints.
By skip : 03/05/2014
Credit Score: 762 Credit Limit: 2000 Age: 35-44
Posted 12/03 2013
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I cannot believe this. I have a mid to high 700 score and got only $2k in CL. My other cards with Amex, Chase and Discover all gave me at least $7k (my lowest CL). This is simply ridiculous. Got the bonus, and used it for a jersey and I am done with this card. I have read other comments here and at other forums. I can understand that folks with lesser score get the $500 to $1000 CL level. But for me, this is a joke.