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Credit Score: 636 Credit Limit: 0 Age: 35-44
Posted 01/28 2021
Overall Rating:
I received a "pre-approved" letter in the mail around Christmas time (2020). I went online and completed the approval process. I got instant approval for the $400 limit. I was given the option to pay the $89 fee online or pay later. I paid $89 upfront. It's not about a month later, I haven't received any card or letter from there. When I call they said they have nothing for me on file. So I'm out $89 and I have not a card or anything. I still receive "pre-approved" calls and letters. Based on other reviews, it seems the pattern for this "company" to take the $89 upfront fee and ghost their later.
Credit Score: 650 Credit Limit: 400 Age: 25-34
Posted 06/28 2020
Overall Rating:
I am reading the reviews before I do anything. I was approved but I have to pay the $89 processing fee. I hate how they do not accept credit cards it has to be a debit card. I'll see if I trust this company or not, so far by looking at the reviews the company sounds like a fluke.
Credit Score: 585 Credit Limit: 300 Age: 18-24
Posted 02/27 2020
Overall Rating:
This place advertises that after you are approved; your card will be going out 3-10 business days! Well I read the reviews and what they told me was that they sent an email that they wanted the program fee before they send me my card! I’m cleaning house as well and I have 3 other cards and not one of them asked me to pay the program fee before I got my card! I was to call or go on their website; pay the fee and you can use your card! Yes; the annual fee makes your limit go down but ya gotta pay for that too if your trying to boost your credit again but I actually spoke to a supervisor and all she could say was did you get your email! It says right on there website that I’ll get my card quickly and now they email me to pay my program fee first! I’m glad I read the reviews! I think they were trying to rip me off like some of the others on here! Not going for it! Good Luck
Credit Score: 747 Credit Limit: 400 Age: 35-44
Approved Never Filed after Bankruptcy
Income On Application: $125
Posted 02/26 2020
Overall Rating:
I want to warm anyone getting this card if a few things.

1) I thought I was getting a prepaid card I could use for travel and such. Not the case
2) they are extremely outdated, from a technology perspective, and do not even have features in your Mobile app, where you can make a payment via debit card, not shut this dumb card off if stolen.
3) I already have credit cards with limits in the $10,000 range and again thought this was prepaid.
4) if you call in, you will have to sit through snowy 12 minutes of automated information, mainly focusing on your balance, and cannot get to the option you want, and after 15 minutes, when you just want to talk to a representative, they say sorry we are closed.
5) when you verify your information before you get a representative. They ask you to verify everything all of again, extremely amateur, and prob used to dealing with people that do not know better.
6) before you can even state what you are calling about, they immediately say this call is to collect a debt and for those purposes. Lnfao, you pricks, what if we are not calling for that purpose?
7) my 4 other credit cards answer the phone with whom am I speaking with, and how can I help you. What the he’ll is wrong with you??? You are not customer driven, and on top of the 15 min automated BS. Have to listen to another 2 min if you, staring off the call with not asking whom we are and going right into what we owe.

You are so amateur, and folks, I know other cards if, you are liking to rebuild credit which I was not, that are extremely more advanced and not Sherri as this card.

Please please please Korea’s my review, as even if they try not to publish it, I write code, and already made this available in 200 other search engines.

These people thrive if you getting frustrated waiting to talk to sip wine yet prob desperate enough to wait as they take advantage of people with low credit scores, even though I did not have one, and. Not sure how the hell we ever connected.

Also, with all of my cards, you should NEVER have to pay a start up fee, which I have seen is about 1/3 of what most people are approved for. And their annual rate is a joke, as they do not have the reputation to have that.

I would recommend if you can, get a prepaid card. Load the money you can, and add to that limit as you can. Many cards like Capital One, Discover, Credit One, etc. offer these and then you will not fall victim to scum vendors such as these.

Hope this was helpful!
Credit Score: 600 Credit Limit: 700 Age: 65+
Income On Application: $2100
Posted 01/12 2020
Overall Rating:
I don't have a situation with my.Fit card. I'm sorry for the people that had a bad experience. I have no problems. I was approved for 400 a few months ago and just got a increase. I no its not a perfect card but it helps me increase mu credit score
Credit Score: 560 Credit Limit: 400 Age: 65+
Income On Application: $823000
Posted 01/07 2020
Overall Rating:
Credit Score: 614 Credit Limit: 1100 Age: 18-24
Posted 12/26 2019
Overall Rating:
Opened this card in August of 2018 with a 500 dollar credit limit. In march of 2019 Limit was raised to 800 and in December of this year limit was raised to 1100. Will admit I have never had to call CS so I cant comment on if its good or not. Do I like the monthly fee NO but the card is what it is and I understood what I was signing up for. So have they delivered what they promised, YES Am I paying more that I want, Yes, But I am the one who screwed my credit and this is one of the prices to get it back
Credit Score: 583 Credit Limit: 400 Age: 35-44
Approved 30 days after Bankruptcy
Income On Application: $38000
Posted 12/11 2019
Overall Rating:
I haven't paid the 89 dollars because I wanted to read some reviews first. I definetely think I will pass_ I went through a divorce and had to file bankruptcy so my credit isn't the best so I was looking for a card to rebuild it ; this isn't the one.
Credit Score: 0 Credit Limit: 400 Age: 45-54
Approved 0 after Bankruptcy
Posted 10/20 2019
Overall Rating:
I called in to make sure all my information matches what they had in computer. The lady said yes then she ask me to pay the processing fee of 89.00. Then she said the card would be able to use in one hour. I waited until the next day and guess the card doesn't work. I can't get hold to anyone because your information has to match. I'm going to get the police in this matter. we shouldn't be getting our money stolen from us like its already to hard to make it out here. This is a trouble company please tell everyone you know about this matter so no one else. will give this company there money. everyone call the new paper and news in your town everyone need to know about this matter. We all should get our money back and more for these headaches.
Credit Score: 590 Credit Limit: 400 Age: 18-24
Posted 10/17 2019
Overall Rating:
I paid an $89 fee 8 weeks ago. no card. no services provided. Only a bill for $99 for a year fee. Clearly, they didn't send out a card. I asked for a refund of my $89 and they asked for $99 to cancel.
Complete SCAM. After 2 months how don't I have a card?
Credit Score: 630 Credit Limit: 400 Age: 25-34
Income On Application: $35000
Posted 10/15 2019
Overall Rating:
I have been waiting for 6 weeks for my card and it still hasn't arrived. I paid the processing fee of $89. Today I got a bill for $99 for their yearly fee. Still no card after 6 weeks but a bill. I don't recommend.
Credit Score: 577 Credit Limit: 400 Age: 55-64
Approved 2 yrs ago after Bankruptcy
Income On Application: $39
Posted 07/15 2019
Overall Rating:
This place is a joke. Don't ever use their mobile app. I went to pay my $99 yearly fee and they charged me $396, apparently I hit the button three additional times by accident. I cld them ( no apology on their end) and they said it would take five too ten business days to get my money back. I told them I couldnt wait that long so I went to my bank to have it refunded back immediately.

This apparently didnt sit well with corporate because they froze my account. They said in order to un- freeze my account I had to pay the full $105.99 that I owe in the form of a money order. I did just that...

No Im calling back to find out why I have no available credit( should be $400) they then told me my account was closed but they would and could open it up again. Told me to call back in 24- 48 hrs, account still wont open. Finally one week later I speak to a supervisor and he tells me he cannot open account back again once yearly fee of $99 was refunded back to me. ( Mind you I still paid my $89 processing fee)

Not only does one hand NOT talk to the other hand, but they blantly lied to me. Had I know this, I would of paid the $105 bal I owed in three thirty five dollar payments.

They also kept putting me on hold, and kept calling me a different name every time they came back on the phone.

If I could give them ZERO stars I would.

All this because of their sensitive mobile app.

Phone calls are supposely recorded, gentleman on phone asked me If I still wanted to close my account, I said NO, they closed it anyway.

Why couldnt they tell me the FIRST time I called and they saw the acct was closed that they couldnt open it back up again??? Why did they NOT do what they said they were going to do.

In the background I could hear other agents speaking ebonics to each other back and forth, then they come on the phone and cant even call me by my proper name.


Credit Score: 580 Credit Limit: 400 Age: 45-54
Income On Application: $11000
Posted 07/06 2019
Overall Rating:
this bank and customer service are all idiots i applied months a go for fit mastercard they approved me i waited 12 days or so got my card and $400 limit said i have $301 available and card activated after i paid the $89 fee says credit,debit,gift card or checking and savings,so i have a $100 vanilla visa gift card visa debit card and it says it was denied so i called them and said well i use my bank debit card and they said sorry someone reason the account is now cancelled i said uncancel it then sorry we cant,said i have to wait and reapply later on i waited several months now applied again its been 8 days since approved same deal but no card yet i called see if they mailed it rep say no card will be mailed till you pay the $89.00 processing fee i said you did before she said maybe it was different offer i said no same card same offer,so i tried to pay the $89 online with my grifols plasma visa debit card registered in my name had over $100 on it and it says declined i log into citibank see my balance and transactionsn and it show a pending hold of $0.00 from this bank i asked rep she says you was declined i said you authorized $0.00 no wonder it wasnt declined,she said i can take your payment now and once its cleared get your card mailed out to you,i said why do you advetise you accept credit,debit,gift cards and do not accept visa debit card gift cards or even my registered citibank plasma card,now i really dont trust them seems like a scam to get your real credit card number and real checking debit card number if you ever used either i strongly suggest cancel your card and get a new number before they rob your bank account.they are robbing people anyways give them free $89.00 processing fee and immediately they charge the card $99 annual fee and after year you also have monthly fees,they are not trying help people sounds like foreign scammers out to rob usa citizens.the government and laws need to crack down on banks like this robbing people,and this bank needs quit saying they accept gift cards as payment and do not all these things together tells me they are not at all to be trusted,beware of these scammers do not give them your savings or checking account and routing numbers or your real credit or checking debit card numbers sounds too dam fishy.if you done did you need to close the card or acct and get new one issued in my opinion before your acct gets wiped out.
Credit Score: 0 Credit Limit: 400 Age: 55-64
Posted 06/28 2019
Overall Rating:
The people who work here are rude and do not want to work with you
This card is expensive and not with applying for. If you do receive the card and do not activate it in their time line you are out of luck
There are other offers. Shop around
Credit Score: 0 Credit Limit: 0 Age: 65+
Income On Application: $10
Posted 04/21 2019
Overall Rating:
My credit situation is being work on
Credit Score: 0 Credit Limit: 400 Age: 35-44
Posted 04/18 2019
Overall Rating:
Worst credit card..customer service. Accidently entered one wrong number in my phone number on application so I can't use the card. Was told by the supervisor that they won't update my phone number so the card is useless.
Credit Score: 0 Credit Limit: 300 Age: 18-24
Posted 01/27 2019
Overall Rating:
Take a week get credit towards your account ugh when make your payment act like they cant trusted you :(
Credit Score: 560 Credit Limit: 0 Age: 45-54
Income On Application: $62
Posted 01/12 2019
Overall Rating:
This credit card company is a scam they make you make your processing fee but hold the credit card and your money hostage for 7 to 10 days. Then when you call the Reps and managers are very nasty. I wouldn’t recommend this credit card
Credit Score: 0 Credit Limit: 400 Age: 35-44
Posted 12/26 2018
Overall Rating:
I applied for this card on November 29th. Paid the $89 on november 30th. Was told it would be 7-10 business days to receive the card. I waited until 12/14 and called was told it didnt go put until 12/4. I gave it until Dec. 20th and called again told i wanted a supervisor. Supervisor Robert said due to a plastic backorder the card was mailed on 12/19 when asked if i needed ro wait another 7-10 business days i was told no i should receive the card by 12/21 or 12/22. I gave it until today 12/26. I called again spoke to agent Dan and he put his supervisor David on the phone and said yes the card went out on Dec 19th and it should be 7-10 business days and i should have by Jan 3rd. He gave me some sob story about hurricanes and the USPS holding things up. He said what they may do is just kill the one that was sent out and refund my money and re issue me another card. I told the guy i will give it till Jan 3rd and dont kill the card because if they have to refund me my $89 i will not re apply for the card. My suggestion would be to go with Milestone. I applied for their card on December 14th and received their card on 12/24 no upfront fee and a credit limit of $300 with annual fee of $75. Fit has one more week. Then they will refund my $89 i will not pay them another dime toward any yearly fees and they can keep their card.
Credit Score: 509 Credit Limit: 400 Age: 18-24
Income On Application: $24900
Posted 12/22 2018
Overall Rating:
i applied for this card before but i got denied
Credit Score: 609 Credit Limit: 400 Age: 35-44
Posted 11/25 2018
Overall Rating:
I applied and was approved for 400 credit limit. I paid the 89 dollars which is normal for most credit building cards. I was able to start using my card that day. The next day I tried to use it the charge was denied. When i called the person on the other live of customer service was so blatantly rude and sounded as if she did not want to speak. I was told I made to many transactions and the card was put on hold until tomorrow. This makes no sense. Capital one and first premier are the very best with credit building never had a problem with them and capital one will give you a limit increase add long as you pay on time.
Credit Score: 0 Credit Limit: 300 Age: 35-44
Posted 11/11 2018
Overall Rating:
This is a scam over a month now and still no card
Credit Score: 600 Credit Limit: 400 Age: 55-64
Income On Application: $2800
Posted 10/26 2018
Overall Rating:
Haven't sent in my 89. dollar deposit, but I don't like the idea my payment will be on hold for 7 days. Other reviews of not receiving my the card yet after 10 days does not appeal to me.
Credit Score: 0 Credit Limit: 0 Age: 18-24
Income On Application: $32000
Posted 10/19 2018
Overall Rating:
i was approved and paid my money already. where is my card
thank u
god bless
Credit Score: 580 Credit Limit: 400 Age: 55-64
Income On Application: $15000
Posted 10/19 2018
Overall Rating:
I was approved and paid my annual fee of $89.00 and still have not received my card. I called and they told me last week it was in the mail. still haven't received anything???
Credit Score: 532 Credit Limit: 500 Age: 55-64
Income On Application: $1800
Posted 09/11 2018
Overall Rating:
I receive message after message (for weeks now) that the credit card has been sent and requesting the processing fee. The representative I just spoke to told me that the card will be mailed when I pay the fee. So, they are lying to me. Either about the credit card already being sent or that I have to pay the fee before they will send it. Reporting this to the BBB, the Federal Trade Commission, and my state Attorney general.
Credit Score: 602 Credit Limit: 400 Age: 25-34
Approved 1 Year after Bankruptcy
Income On Application: $80000
Posted 08/20 2018
Overall Rating:
I do not recommend this card at all. I reluctantly paid an $89 processing fee for a $400 credit limit to continue building my credit after a bankruptcy 1 year ago. When I called to activate the card I was then told by a customer service representative who sounded very tired (and/or stoned) that a $99 annual fee had been applied to the card as well. When I questioned why I was given a generic answer about terms being based on my credit. I again questioned why I had to pay an $89 processing fee then and was again given a generic answer about terms of approval being based on credit. I then stated I didn't want the card then and wanted to be refunded the $89. I was then told that I could pay the balance of $99 and then cancel the account and the $89 would then be refunded. I then questioned again, "So basically you just stole $99 from me either way? Whether I keep the card or cancel it?" She replied that I agreed to the terms of the card. I again stated that I agreed to pay the $89 processing fee. I was never told about the $99 annual fee until today when I called in to activate the card and no I do not agree to the terms, hence why I do not want the card. She again told me I could pay the balance of $99 and then cancel the account and the $89 would then be refunded. I hung up at that point. I do not recommend this card at all!
Credit Score: 576 Credit Limit: 500 Age: 35-44
Posted 04/19 2017
Overall Rating:
I was approved but was asked to put a $150 deposit for a $500 limit. I decided to accept it and made the deposit. One thing to be aware of is that it took about 10 days for that deposit to clear. My payments also took about 7 days to clear. So my best advice is just to use 10% to 20% of you limit (for credit utilization purposes) so that you can still use the card while the payment is on hold.
Credit Score: 512 Credit Limit: 500 Age: 35-44
Posted 04/06 2017
Overall Rating:
I wrecked my credit when I was young and just recently through a job loss. I have been rejected by a couple of secured cards like US Bank and even Citi. I also got turned down by Credit One. I took a chance when I got this offer in the mail and was approved.

The fees are high but I guess that there is a price for rebuilding. The only complaint I have is that they put your payments on hold for 7 days.
Credit Score: 583 Credit Limit: 500 Age: 35-44
Posted 04/01 2017
Overall Rating:
I got the mail and here were the terms offered to me.

$125 AF. From 2nd year, it becomes $96.
$10 a month fee from 2nd year onwards.
APR: 30.49%
Limit: $500

The fees are absolutely crazy. I'll stick to my capital one and needless to day, I did not apply. My score was about 583 TU though (as a reference).
Credit Score: 543 Credit Limit: 500 Age: 25-34
Posted 03/27 2017
Overall Rating:
Ruined my credit because of bad choices I had made and a lot of it was due to ignorance on my part. I have the opensky secured card at the moment (it is a good card) and I am now looking for an unsecured card rather than another secured one.

I got the pre-approved offer in the mail and I applied and got approved. I had to deposit $150 though to get the $500 limit. I decided not to proceed since I am looking for an unsecured card.
Credit Score: 564 Credit Limit: 500 Age: 35-44
Posted 03/17 2017
Overall Rating:
I got the offer in the mail and decided to bite the bullet. The fees are high but I am willing to pay the price to rebuild. I think the plan is to charge just about $30 to $50 a month on the card and pay it off in full. And then cancel before the year and annual fees are up.
Credit Score: 613 Credit Limit: 500 Age: 25-34
Posted 03/11 2017
Overall Rating:
I would say that I am currently in the second phase of my rebuilding. I already have 2 secured cards and am now looking to step up to getting an unsecured card. I have been rejected by credit one and first premier. So I decided to get this card even though the fees are high compared to credit one. I got approved for $500. The high APR does not bother me since I pay my bills in full every month.
Credit Score: 506 Credit Limit: 500 Age: 25-34
Posted 02/23 2017
Overall Rating:
Please be aware of the payment holds - about 7 to 10 days.
Credit Score: 653 Credit Limit: 500 Age: 35-44
Posted 02/16 2017
Overall Rating:
Got 2 pre-approved mails, one from fit and the other from reflex. When I looked in greater detail, I realized they are from the same issuer. I have been denied by a few other cards so I applied just for the fit and got approved for $500. The fees are high but I guess I have to live with that for a while as a rebuilder.
Credit Score: 510 Credit Limit: 500 Age: 25-34
Income On Application: $55000
Posted 01/27 2017
Overall Rating:
Got the offer in the mail and decided to apply. I got approved but had to deposit $150 to get the $500 limit.
Credit Score: 637 Credit Limit: 500 Age: 18-24
Posted 01/16 2017
Overall Rating:
I got the pre-approved mail and applied. These are the terms I got.

Annual fee: $125 for the first year, then $96.
Monthly Fee: None for the first year, then $10 a month which makes it $120 a year.
Limit I got was $500.

Aside from this card, I also got a Credit One card with a $75 annual fee.
Credit Score: 540 Credit Limit: 500 Age: 25-34
Posted 01/13 2017
Overall Rating:
I got this card offer in the mail along with another card called reflex. It looks like it is from the same folks because the fees are the same. My credit is in the dumps now after a divorce. So I took the plunge and applied. I was approved but it was not instant or immediate. I had to make call them to verify address, utility bill etc. I was approved for $500 but had to put a $150 deposit.

I plan to use this for less than a year and then cancel the card. Hopefully, I would be able to get a lower fee card then.