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Indigo® Mastercard® Credit Card
Consumer Reviews, Credit Score and Income Needed, Credit Limits

Picture of Indigo Mastercard with $700 Credit Limit
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Average Score:

  • at least 550-650 credit score
  • at least 2 trade lines in credit report
  • on-time payments for at least a year (with no recent delinquencies) - this is a major reason why folks get denied this cared
  • Not more than 2 hard inquires in the last 6 months - this is the most common reason for declines
  • Not more than $20,000 in credit card debt
  • No pending bankruptcy - BK must be discharged
  • No existing tax liens
  • Checking Account required

If you do not meet these criteria, then you should consider credit cards with no credit checks.

Fees and Rates
Fees and Rates

Annual Fe: $0, $59 or ($75 for 1st year and $99 thereafter)

APR: 24.9%*V
Editor's Review
Editor's Review

This card has a very reasonable annual fee and unlike other subprime cards, they do not charge any one-time application or processing fee and monthly fees. This is a very reasonable unsecured credit card to get if you are a rebuilder. Prior Bankruptcy is Ok with them and they will also not check income.

Furthermore, you can first check if you are pre-approved before applying. Checking for pre-approval does not involve a hard pull (only a soft pull).

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