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The Indigo® Platinum Mastercard® is a relatively new comer to the "fair or average" credit space with this offering. Unlike most other cards, you can go through a pre-qualification first to determine if you prequalify. And if you do, you can proceed with the actually application.

You will either be approved for an annual fee or no annual fee version.

Card Details
Card Details

Annual Fee : $0 or $35

APR : 23.9% (variable rate)

Foreign Transaction Fee : 1% (which is lower than the usual 3%)

Initial Credit : $300

Authorized User Fee : $25.

Peer Comparison
Peer Comparison


Cards Annua
APR Rewards
Indigo $0 or $35 23.9% N.A.
$0 25.24% 2X gas
Cap One
$0 24.99% N.A.
Cap One
$39 23.24% 1.5% Cash Back
All Purchases
$35 18.15% to 24.15%% N.A.

The table above shows the comparison with other cards that are explicitly targeted at those with average credit. You will find that there is no perfect card here. For example, some cards come with annual fees while others do not. Some have reward programs while others do not.

For example, the QuicksilverOne comes with an annual fee, but has a cash back program while the Cap One Platinum has no annual fee but has no reward program. The USAA appears to be the least attractive because they charge an annual fee but has no reward program. Barclays appears to have the best deal since their card has no annual fee and comes with a reward program (as well as access to your FICO score for free)

The Indigo appears to be smack in the middle of the pack. Unlike Quicksilver and Barclays Rewards MasterCard, there is no rewards. However, unlike Capital One Platinum and USAA Classic, there is a chance for you to get a no annual fee version of the Indigo.

Opinion and Verdict
Opinion and Verdict

The Indigo is one of the few credit cards that are explicitly targeting at those with "fair" or "average" credit. Question is what is fair or average. I would say that from a rebuilder's point of view, anywhere from 650 to 675 can be considered fair. However, I think to qualify for such cards, you also need most of your baddies to have dropped off, have no recent late payments or delinquencies and preferably very few inquiries.

Other similar cards in the space have similar fees and rates. For example, the Capital One Platinum has no annual fee but also no reward program, the their Quicksilver also comes with a $39 annual fee but with a cash back program. USAA also has a few "classic" cards that have a $35 annual fee but also no rewards program. The Barclaycard Rewards MasterCard though, has no annual fee and also has a reward program where you earn 2X for gasoline, groceries and utilities.

As you can see from the peer comparisons above, this card appears to be competitive. The one negative thing is that in their terms and conditions, they were pretty explicit that their initial credit limit will only be $300. To be honest, that is what you may be when you apply for a Capital One for example.

Another thing that you have to be aware of is that you have to go through a pre-qualification first. If you do prequalify, then you have to fill in the actual application form again. If not, you may be offered another one of Genesis's Cards (assume that one of them could be the Milestone card).

Our verdict on this card is that if you are a rebuilder, this could possibly be a card you can consider as it appears to be competitive in this "average credit" space. The downside is that you could get only an initial $300 limit. You might want to consider the Barclaycard Rewards MasterCard because it definitely has no annual fee, has a reward program and you could get a free FICO score as well.

Application Forms
Application Forms

As mentioned earlier, you'll have to see if you pre-qualify for a card first before you can apply for the Indigo. Below is the screenshot of the application page (which is pretty simple).

indigo application form


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