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Intro Purchase APR Regular APR Annual Fee Credit Needed
N.A. $0 introductory annual fee for the first year, then $175 Excellent
Executive Summary - This card is great for business owners or sole proprietors who pay their bills in full and who also travels with a few airlines. The triple points that you earn from booking airline tickets can be transferred to Membership Reward's airline partners and you can be creative in how you use them for the most bang for the buck.

Versus Its' Peers - Before we reach a verdict on how good this card is, we first have to do some peer comparisons. Well, how does this card compare against it's peers? Especially when there aren't many peers at all since there are so few business charge cards. The best comparison would be the Business Green Rewards Card and the Platinum Business Card (both from Amex) and perhaps also the Chase Ink Bold (which was introduced to compete with the Amex Green Business Rewards Card.

Business Gold Rewards Card® versus the Business Green Version - This card has a $175 annual fee versus the Business Green Card of $95. So what extra features does one get for the upgrade over the Green version? The most important upgrade is the ability to earn triple points on travel and double points on advertising, shipping and gasoline. Other important upgrades include the Gold Card Events and the Special Seating you can potential get at events. There is also the ticket reimbursement feature which the Green Card does not have. With the Business Gold Card, you also get confirmed room reservations. Hence, if your business requires entertainment at events and travel, the Business Gold Card is perhaps the better card.

Gold vs Platinum - The Business Platinum is a huge step up from the Gold version with it's $450 annual fee. In addition to the features offered by this card, the Platinum also has other features like:

  • International Companion Business Class Ticket
  • Concierge Services
  • Airport Lounge Access
  • Fine Hotel and Resorts Program - where you get room upgrades and $100 credits
  • Starwood Gold Membership
  • Hertz, Avis and Naitonal Memberships

  • The Platinum version will suit folks who really travel a lot. However, the Gold version has features that the platinum version does not have. And that is it can earn triple points for travel and double points for advertising, gasoline and shipping. If these are items that your business will spend on, that it will be superior to the Platinum version.

    Against the Chase Ink Bold - The Chase Ink Bold is a charge card that is meant to compete with Amex in the business charge card space. The big difference is the airline partners of their reward program. The four main airline partners of Chase are SouthWest, United, British Airways and Korean Air Skypass which Amex Membership Rewards does not have. (they will lost Continental by Sept 2011). Therefore, if you wish to transfer points into frequently flyer miles of these airlines, the Chase Ink Bold may be the card to get.

Is this card worth getting? - I think that this is one of the best cards for a business owner or sole proprietor available today. There are many great points going for it.

  • Great if you fly a lot - If you travel a fair bit on business, this is a great card to have because you can earn triple points when you book airline tickets with the card. No other business credit card we know matches this.

  • Good if your business spends a fair bit on advertisement - Whether it is online or off line ad spending, you can earn double points on this card. Many small businesses advertise on facebook or google, and with this card, you not only get no-preset spending limit, but also double points on ad spending. We know of no other card that can match this feature.

  • Commercial gasoline - We all know by know that this card lets you earn double points for gasoline at standalone stations. But when you read the fine prints, you realize that you can also earn double points at standalone commercial fuel stations. That means that if your businesses uses gasoline from these stations, then this is a card you should seriously consider as well. It gives an alternative to "fleet fuel cards".

  • Does your business ship stuff - Are you a supplier in the B2B space? If you are and ship equipment or any stuff, then this card allows you to also earn double points. We know of no other business credit cards that has this feature.

To sum up, this card is one of the best cards for a business owner. Most small business owners will find a room for this card because of the extra points that you can earn on business expenses that most businesses will have. Add to the fact that there is no pre-set spending limit, and it makes the card even more compelling.

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