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Visa Black Card Commercial : Back in Black


If you’ve had a chance to view the new commercial for Visa Black Card, you may find it interesting that the creators, Curt Morgan and Brain Farm out of Wyoming, are actually more familiar with creating sports related digital commercials. Notable commercials and video include Quiksilver, ESPN and National Geographic (as well as lots of snowboarding stuff). So, Curt Morgan may have been a bit surprised when approached to create the new Visa Black Card commercial. However, after taking a look at the high action commercial, you will see that it kind of makes perfect sense.

There were specific requirements for this commercial. In order to match the reputation of the Visa Black Card, the commercial needed to represent all of the fantastic aspects of a luxurious lifestyle. In order to pull this off in typical Visa Black Card fashion, Curt Morgan and Brain Farm along with Visa Black, concluded that the commercial would follow a female James Bond theme (by way of Donna Feldman) and include high action, high intensity and of course be completely black.

Who Is Donna Feldman

As Curt Morgan of Brain Farm mentioned, Donna Feldman certainly appears to be a natural for the female James Bond part of the commercial. Her appearances range from Deal or No Deal , Fashion House and ads for Caesar’s Palace, Sports Illustrated and Revlon, just to name a few. She has actually done quite a bit of work in various film and print ads. It is generally agreed that her look alone pretty much nailed the character needed for the Visa Black Card commercial.

The Perfect House in Southern California aka The Razor

Another luxurious part of the Visa Black Card commercial is the house that was used in filming. In choosing the house to use for the commercial, Curt Morgan said “We were looking for the house of our dreams…” and the house they decided upon happened to be located in Southern California, and known as “The Razor”. This house, or piece of art (as would be a more appropriate title) spans 11,000 square feet in the La Jolla Farms area of San Diego and includes 4 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. It was designed by Wallace Cunningham and if you happen to have some extra cash lying around, is currently for sale at $19.3 million.

Transparency from glass walls that reach from floor to ceiling and the stunning optical illusions crated by the infinity pool are probably the most stunning aspects of The Razor. It is an amazing home evident even in photographs and for most of us, fits the theme that Visa Black Card attempted to portray in the commercial.

Trip to Monte Carlo

As if just traveling to Monte Carlo wouldn’t be extravagant enough, the crew for the commercial actually had to travel to Monte Carlo for only two shots in the video. The reason the trip was necessary, was because if you view the commercial, there is a black yacht. In true, exclusive, Visa Black Card fashion, this black boat is only found in Monte Carlo.

Curt Morgan mentioned that one of the challenges in shooting the commercial was committing completely to digital as opposed to film. The entire video was also completely live with no studio shooting at all which resulted in extremely adventurous and action packed scenes. From the super sexy, Donna Feldman driving the motorcycle down the winding road next to the The Razor, to jumping from the helicopter into the water (which she actually did) all the way to speeding away in a black yacht that can only be found in Monte Carlo to the tune of ACDC’s Back in Black.

In my opinion, the commercial succeeds in targeting prospective carriers of the exclusive Visa Black Card. If you are able to carry the Black Card, you quite possibly are able to also take part in a luxurious and high performance lifestyle such as the one that is led by Ms. Donna Feldman (minus actually becoming a female James Bond, of course.) The commercial successfully portrays all of the things that those of us non-carriers imagine the carriers take part in on a daily basis and wraps up the exclusivity of the Visa Black Card in a very nice, exciting, high intense, high action and high performance package.


Donna Feldman
The Razor 


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