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Safecreditscore.com Review


As part of our “credit monitoring review” series, we are going to review safecreditscore.com (and boy do we have a surprise at the end!).

Basic Credit Monitoring Service – Safecreditscore.com offering a basic credit monitoring service where you get access to your credit reports and you get credit monitoring services which alerts you to any changes to your credit report.

Access to Credit Scores – The service even says you can access your credit score. But which credit score? That was what I was interested in finding out.

My Investigation into the type of credit scores you get – This, to me at least, is very important because so many services offering scores that are not actually FICO scores! So I did what I had to do and filled in some bogus name and email address on the page. It took me to a second page where I had to fill in an address. So I found the address of a hotel in the zip code that I had entered and it took me to the final page where I had to fill in my social security number and credit card number. I expected to find a phone number but I could not! But through filling in the forms and clicking on a few links, I discovered that offering is actually owned by the same folks from gofreecredit.com and creditreporting.com! But still I had no phone numbers and hence I can’t even tell you what sort of scores they are providing.

Fees – You get a “7 day free trial” and thereafter will be billed $14.95 for the service.

Opinion and Verdict – I recommend you do not even get this service. Firstly, you can always get your credit report for free. Even if you want to get a credit monitoring service, this one does not come with any phone numbers in case you want to cancel. Just stay clear!

See my screenshots as I try to “apply”


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